Legacy Engineering Students Visit Texas A&M Engineering Complex

By: Michele Kuykendall
| Published 04/08/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy programming and engineering students recently visited the Texas A&M Zachary Engineering Complex. Legacy Prep students toured the A&M engineering facilities and participated in a Q&A panel with several current A&M honors engineering students. This afforded the opportunity to learn more about engineering beyond high school and to experience a college engineering program firsthand.

Sean Stepanik, Legacy Prep senior, stated, 'I am thankful for this opportunity. I learned so much about the academic lives of college students in engineering at A&M. It was fascinating to hear about internships and academic choices that could be made during college to help kickstart your career after you graduate.'

Legacy Prep offers students the opportunity to be a part of engaging hands-on robotics and engineering classes from middle through high school. These offerings include LEGO robotics, video game design, programmable circuit boards, FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics, soldering, 3D printing, prototyping custom robotic devices, teamwork, and much more giving Legacy students cutting-edge skills that directly apply to our 21st-century world.

According to Amy Brown, Legacy Science Department Head and Programming and Engineering
teacher, “I love teaching these classes and seeing students use their creativity and talents to design and build, but most of all I desire to see these students be in awe of their Creator who made them in His image to bring glory to His name through their work. I feel blessed to work at Legacy and under a leadership team that supports growing our school's STEM program year after year.”

Legacy programming and engineering students work through a comprehensive introduction to
text-based and graphical computer programming before moving into physical programming and
electronic circuits utilizing analog and digital signals. Students learn to design, build, and draw electrical schematics for functional robotic devices that can autonomously interact with their surroundings through various sensors and input components.

Founded in 2005, Legacy Prep is comprised of grades pre-kindergarten through 12th. The school prepares students to be successful in college and life by providing a rigorous academic background that is rich in opportunities. Legacy Prep is a Christ-centered, university style school that creates college-worthy, character witnesses for Christ.

With enrollment and interest in Legacy Prep continuing to grow, the school is excited to begin its 17th year. If you would like more information on Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy, please visit An upcoming informational meeting for the 2020-2021 school year is scheduled for April 12

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