Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy Begins Expansion Project

By: Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy
| Published 01/26/2022

Left picture: Legacy elementary students celebrate the new building. Right picture: (L to R) Brandon May, Audra May, Dan Condley, Michelle Keyes, and Bart Griffith (First Financial) finalize the construction loan.

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy (Legacy Prep) recently broke ground on an extensive expansion project. This year long project will add additional classrooms, activity spaces, parking and more. Goals include improving the overall learning environment and accommodating the continued growth of the school.

Founded in 2005, Legacy Prep is comprised of grades pre-kindergarten through 12th and is located on Research Forest in The Woodlands, TX. The school prepares students to be successful in college and life by providing a rigorous academic background that is rich in opportunities. Legacy Prep is a Christ-centered, university style school that creates collegeworthy, character witnesses for Christ.

“We are excited about the opportunity to grow our campus. With all that is going on in our country, parents want to be more involved with their child's education and we are happy to be able to accommodate that trend through the addition of classroom space. Only God could successfully navigate an expansion like this during these difficult economic times, and we are thrilled that He is at work on our behalf,” stated Audra May, Legacy Head Administrator.

The expansion project, designed by Pete Ed Garrett of Studio Red Architects, encompasses 21 new permanent classrooms, a multi-purpose space, additional offices, workrooms, conference rooms, break areas, and more. Enhanced fencing and security, improved traffic flow, updated signage, beautification projects, and expanded parking are also included in the construction plans.

On December 22, 2021, members of the Legacy Prep board met with First Financial Executive VP and Chief Loan Officer, Bart Griffith, for the construction loan closing. Brayton Construction of Conroe is set to complete the project in December of 2022.

According to Miles Freeman, Legacy Prep Board Treasurer, “The new academic building will provide approximately 30,000 square feet of new learning space. Many of our student growth restrictions will be removed. We are thankful to know this will greatly improve the learning environment for all Legacy students.”

With enrollment and interest in Legacy continuing to grow, the new addition will provide a state-of-the-art atmosphere for learning, student activities, athletics and much more. Legacy Prep is excited to expand its home in the community. If you would like more information on Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy, please visit

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