Liv Chojnacki: A Great Setter in Her Sleep

By: Doug Sarant
| Published 09/14/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- This week's Woodlands Online Player of the Week is another volleyball player. We'll be picking on other sports and schools soon, but we just couldn't pass up introducing you to the latest in a long line of excellent setters at The Woodlands High School...AKA Setter University.

This talented athlete is a junior and is arguably one of the hardest workers to ever step on the gym floor at TWHS. However, her best quality is how she loves to laugh and doesn't mind being laughed at. She's very humble and appreciates everything she earns and realizes she'll never be handed anything. Her parents have obviously done quite well with her.

Without any further ado, please meet all around awesome person, Liv Chojnacki...

1) How long have you been playing volleyball? How did you become interested in volleyball ? What other sports did you play growing up and why did volleyball win out?

I first started playing when I was around 10 years old. My mom had told me that my friend was going to a camp at a church nearby and that they had invited me to go try it out with them. So, I did and ever since that day I knew it was going to be something I wanted to do for a long time. Before I played volleyball, I played competitive softball. I enjoyed softball but ultimately volleyball won out because it was indoors with A/C (laughs). All joking aside, volleyball was much faster paced and required much more teamwork and I loved that.

2) Describe the 2021 TWHS volleyball team and why you enjoy playing for the Highlanders…

The chemistry of our 2021 team is off the charts. Each and every single one of us wants nothing more than to win and have fun with each other. This vibe comes from spending time together on and off the court. We all love to go and eat together before and after games and get together on the weekends. Additionally, there is a lot of raw talent on this team. Senior Reagan Whatley, is a huge asset to our offense this year. Reagan is always putting 100% into every game and loves to hype up her teammates. She is a strong leader. Freshman, Ella Lewis has also been a huge part of our team offensively. She plays smart and is very aggressive on the court. Defensively, Molly Tuozzo and Cassidy Maclean are very strong players as well. Both of them give so much to the team, talent and personality wise. Molly always has a smile on her face and is our biggest cheerleader while getting under every ball aggressively. Cassidy is always there to help our team. Marjorie Johnson and Lillie McWhorter are strong middles and put up an amazing block duo. Every player on our team no matter how much PT (playing time) they get are as important to the team as anyone else. To top it all off, our coaches are a very important part of what makes our team what it is. Coach Wade and Coach McKinney both are so incredibly supportive and want the absolute best for all of us.

3) Do you like TWHS and why?

Yes. TWHS has always pushed me to be the best I can be. The competitive environment helps me work hard and always give it my all. It is also a huge school and I thrive in big areas and love that I get to meet new people every day.

4) What colleges are you looking into attending? Do you know what your field of study will be?

I'm still looking at all of my options but I am strongly into animal sciences.

5) What do you hope to be doing after you graduate from college?

I hope to be pursuing my dream of working with and rescuing animals.

6) What do you enjoy doing away from school and volleyball?

I love to spend time with friends and be with my family. I love being outdoors and going on adventures with my family

7) Who is your role model for volleyball?

My role model is no doubt, Clara Brower. She is an incredible athlete playing at The University of Georgia. She is so supportive to all of her teammates and is always giving it her all. She has worked so hard to be where she is now and I have always looked up to her awesome work ethic.

8) Describe how supportive your family is in everything you do in your life…

My family has always been there through everything I have done. Both of my parents push me to be the absolute best person I can be and are always there for me if I need something.

9) If you were given a million dollars and had to give it to one charity, which one would you choose and why?

I have always had a soft spot for any charity involving animal rescue I would put my money into.

10) Three things that people don't know about you…

• I've been a vegetarian my whole life.

• I'm a year younger than most of my friends because of my birthday being in the first few weeks of school.

• I've watched Grey's Anatomy 4x through.

11) When is the last time you danced? Where? You any good?

The last time I danced was in the locker room before we played Seven Lakes. We always turn the lights off and turn the volume all the way up and dance. I've never been any good but we always have the best time and that's what counts.

12) What is your favorite song in your phone now? Do you have a favorite group?

My favorite song right now is To Be Loved By You by Parker McCollum. I'm a big fan of Parker and Morgan Wallen.

13) Your favorite movie of all time.

I've never been much of a movie watcher but if I had to choose I would pick Frozen!

14) If you were sentenced to death but you were allowed to go on one last date, who would the lucky guy be?

I would definitely choose Chase Stokes (John B from Outer Banks).

Head Coach Terri Wade shared her thoughts regarding Liv...

'Liv is a fun player to be around. She’s full of personality and she doesn’t mind being laughed at. The team gets lots of entertainment watching her figure out how to get a nap in the most awkward places! There is plenty of picture documentation of Liv’s naps! Olivia has really matured as a volleyball player. She has worked hard from day one to be a varsity starter. I could see her determination the first day she walked in the gym. She’s a great example to the younger players that you never stop working for your goals, and she still strives to be better every day! She is a player that makes the team better because she is never content.'

In gathering information for this interview, there are a few things everyone agrees on 100% about Liv. Her work ethic is second to none. You don't become a starter as a junior without hard work. There are over 5000 students combined at TWHS and the 9th grade campus. There is some serious VBALL being played and you could probably put together three or more competitive 6A teams. Here Liv is... a young junior with a starting gig.

Another item everyone is in agreement on is she is a completely unselfish player and is all about the team. Well, she's a setter so she better be unselfish. When you choose your position to be one where you make everyone else look good, it should be of no surprise she puts others ahead of herself.

However, the biggest 'tell' when it comes to what Liv is all about in life has to be her deep passion for animals and their well-being. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. Liv wants to do something after college that involves rescuing animals. Enough said!

We'll end this profile with a quote from a fellow student-athlete (not a VBALL player) for whom has known Liv for years...

'Liv is super nice and encouraging to everyone...and not just on the volleyball team. She's that way to everyone. I haven’t met anyone that doesn't like her. She is a hard worker in school and sports and I know for a fact she is a great friend that would never let you down. In a school with thousands of kids, you can bet there are a fair share of two-faced people. Liv isn't one of them. She's the salt of the earth.'

You know what the best thing is about Liv? She's not leaving until 2023!

Liv...Enjoy the next two years! Do it awake though.

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