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| Published 01/21/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Tonight brings a first for the area for 2022; it’s our first overnight where everyone within the sound of our voice needs to wrap pipes, cover plants, and give your normally outdoor pets a crash course in how to keep off the furniture. While we’ve flirted with low temperatures around the freezing point over the past couple of weeks, tonight the entire area will experience several hours of below-freezing temperatures.

The cold temps will be brrrr-inging it on this weekend

The good news is that the clouds are already parting and there’s not a lick of rain in sight for the entire weekend; the wee hours of Monday morning might be the first signs of splatter, but at least for tonight and all weekend you only have to worry about bundling up for the cold and not the rain.

We’ll hit our high of 51 early this afternoon, and then the temps will plummet like a paralized falcon. If you’re a 9-to-5er, use the time between when you get home and nightfall to properly insulate your pipes and plants. Right around midnight tonight we’ll cross that freeze threshold, and temps will go down even further and hover in the upper 20s until dawn tomorrow.

Saturday will effectively be a carbon copy of today; clear skies, bright sun, and highs in the lower 50s, with another temperature drop to below freezing tomorrow night.

Clouds will roll in on Sunday, raising the temperatures about 10 degrees for both highs and lows. There’s still little to no chance of rain that day, but late Sunday night into Monday morning we’ll get increasingly greater chances of rain, and more than half an inch is expected to drop. The silver lining to these clouds is that the freezing temperatures will be behind us by then, so we don’t have to worry about the wet roads getting icy. They will, however, remain slick, so exercise caution when driving.

Expect most of Monday to be damp at the least; the rains will most likely extend into late that night. The next three days will just be outright bleak; significant cloud cover and high temps in the 50s and lows in the mid-30s will make any sane person pine for a happier weekend, weather wise. However, next Friday will end pretty much the same as this one.

While we’re nowhere near the levels of Snowmageddon that hit us last February, it will be cold enough to encourage us to recommend caution, especially for the elderly and those who might be under the weather. Until next week, stay safe, and keep tuned into Woodlands Online for your weather forecast needs.

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