Rallying Cries: The Calm Before the Storm

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 01/28/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – In an already polarizing era for the country, the announcement of a rally hosted by former US President Donald Trump is enough to draw battle lines and separate friends and foes into rival camps. So naturally, when Conroe was named as the latest stop on Trump’s “Save America” tour, the public, local government, businesses, and the large media went into a tizzy.

Much is happening today in preparation for tomorrow’s “Save America” rally in Conroe

Whether you plan to support or protest the rally, Woodlands Online encourages you to follow our RALLY LIVE UPDATES BLOG AT THIS LINK. Traffic and weather reports, updates, on-the-scene interviews, recaps, livestreams, and commentary are all planned as our presentation to you from The Woodlands Area’s premier online-based aggregate news and event source.

Already, cars are lining the shoulders of the routes to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, site of Saturday’s rally. The groups of attendees and protesters camping out in the area already rival anything that a Marvel movie premiere or Black Friday sale.The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has already issued alerts on how to find the proper route to the event, alerts that we have already reposted on our blog.

As a community-based platform dedicated to bring Woodlands Area residents all the information they need, Woodlands Online is proud to be reporting on this event for all residents regardless of their party affiliation. It should be noted that this rally is created, sponsored, and presented by Donald Trump himself; WOL had no hand in its presence in the area. As a result, those still waiting on their tickets that are necessary to attend should visit the official event website at – we have no relationship with the ticket providers.

Stay tuned to Woodlands Online for ongoing and live updates to this and other events as the political season kicks into high gear.

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