The Woodlands’ new I Heart Mac & Cheese and More celebrates its grand opening in Creekside Park Village

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 04/06/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Whether you’re into cramming carbs or living healthy, there’s a new eatery in town that ticks all the boxes. I Heart Mac & Cheese and More celebrated its grand opening at 26400 Kuykendahl in Creekside Park Village of The Woodlands. The opening was a festive event with free desserts passed out, balloons and goodies, and an attentive and friendly staff.

One person in particular was glad to be there. Local resident Cliff Harris was the establishment’s first paying customer. “My wife told me about it and I didn’t have anything else to do this morning, so I just showed up,” he said. A special bonus for being the early bird is that he won a year’s worth of free dishes from I Heart Mac & Cheese. “I feel great that I’ve won free macaroni and cheese for a year; I love mac and cheese!”

General Manager Victoria Mcbride displayed a hands-on approach, rolling up her sleeves and donning her gloves to ensure the packed line of customers moved smoothly.

“Mac and cheese is comfort food. That’s what you go to when it’s raining outside, when it’s cold outside. It’s what you bribe your kids with when they come home,” she said when asked about the staying power of macaroni and cheese over the decades. “It’s a family dish. You can have it for Thanksgiving and all the other holidays. Mac and cheese gathers families and friends.”

The primary main dish options are bowls of gourmet mac and cheese, and specially crafted grilled cheese sandwiches. A large bowl of classic mac or classic grilled cheese will only set you back about six dollars each, or for a few dollars more you can build your own bowl or sandwich with a large variety of toppings and additions. A particular favorite at the grand opening celebration seemed to be the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ – a sourdough sandwich that included mac and cheese, short rib, barbecue sauce, and two different types of cheddar.

Additionally, there is a kids' meal menu, desserts, side dishes including mac bites, and “tacoronis,” a hybrid of taco and macaroni that is sure to be as messy as it is delicious.

Each order is prepared to specification from cold, fresh ingredients that are subsequently baked or grilled. The special cheese sauce and popular cookies are made every morning, adding to a fresh menu that is constantly and consistently fresh.

“We have vegan options, and we even have healthy options as the signature dish, our Skinny Sweet & Spicy,” said McBride. “We also have vegan sauce and vegan meat and vegan cheese slices. We’re very vegan friendly as well as gluten-free friendly; if someone comes in and says they need gluten-free options, we change our gloves and use a special different cutting board because we want these customers to feel comfortable”

I Heart Mac & Cheese and More is open 11am to 9pm on Mondays through Thursdays, 11am to 10pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 12 to 9pm on Sundays. To learn more, visit

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Headline and story have been changed to reflect the proper name of Creekside Park Village.]

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