YMCA Houston Offers Complimentary Teen Summer Memberships at Select Locations

By: Olivia Villarreal
| Published 06/23/2022


HOUSTON, TX -- The YMCA of Greater Houston encourages teens across Houston to stay active and connected within the community with a complimentary summer membership at select locations. Through this seasonal initiative, teens will be able to spend time with friends, participate in fun activities, focus on health and wellness and explore new interests through a range of enriching programs. Last summer, the YMCA offered teens a similar complimentary membership to combat isolation and promote connectivity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The YMCA of Greater Houston is excited to welcome back more teens this summer. The complimentary membership is valid now through August 31 for teens ages 14 – 17.

Inspiring youth to thrive and connect is a core value of the YMCA of Greater Houston. The various locations across Houston offer a wide array of programs, classes and sports available for teens to join year-round. The YMCA is providing a vast number of resources and increasing its accessibility for teens to flourish this summer. According to Crime Stoppers of Houston, teens are less likely to engage in unsafe or criminal activities when enrolled in educational or sports programs. The YMCA offers a safe space for teens to learn new skills and develop meaningful relationships all summer long.

“Summer camps can be a place for teens to find their sense of belonging,” says Curtis Lemieux, Executive Director of Youth Development, YMCA of Greater Houston. “It is essential for teens to stay active and engaged in their communities. Last summer, we had great success in helping our youth connect and improve their teamwork skills. We will continue to instill the YMCA’s core values in our programming while also helping teens develop a positive self-image and providing the support they need to make their own decisions.”

The complimentary membership provides teens with access to various locations throughout Houston, unlimited group exercise classes, swimming, basketball as well as connections with old and new friends. Additional benefits include monthly social events, college readiness courses, civic engagement activities and youth leadership opportunities. Teens can visit any local YMCA to inquire about availability to join the summer teen membership program. The offer is only valid for non-YMCA members and participants must present a school ID.

Now is an exciting time to join as the YMCA of Greater Houston is launching new activities for summer fun. The D. Bradley McWilliams YMCA recently opened its innovation center. Its cutting-edge E-Sports Gaming Room requires users to combine strategy, communication and problem-solving skills to achieve individual or team success. Teens can learn and enjoy a combination of parkour, martial arts and gymnastics at the Ninja Studio or utilize innovative Makerspace areas to complete various individual or group activities. Additionally, the Foster and Langham Creek YMCA centers have a Ninja studio and multiple locations across Houston include the Makerspace.

For more information about the YMCA of Greater Houston, please visit, and follow the organization on Facebook @YMCAHouston and Instagram @YMCAHouston.

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