Woodlands Weekend Weather – Holy cow, does my thermometer read 80-something?

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 08/05/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Be ready for it; around lunchtime today, a storm front will plunge the high temperature from a ‘feels-like’ temperature of 102 all the way down to 84. Once the spate of thunder, lightning, and rain abates, temps will crawl back up into the 90s, making our hair frizz and our clothes stick to our bodies. The breeze and dampness in the air might make for a good evening at the outdoors-but-covered Deacon Baldy’s, who’s hosting a Vendor Night (with even more extra discounts for teachers).

Weekend storms bring a ‘chill’ to the air

The clouds and storm chances will remain overnight, however, helping to drop our low into the mid 70s early tomorrow morning.

Saturday will see a continuation of scattered thunderstorms and significant cloud cover; that combined with increased winds will make it feel positively balmy in the low 90s. As Saturday draws to a close, however, the clouds will eventually waft away and the stars will peek through. If you and the kiddos need to get out of the house for a while, this would be a perfect opportunity to hit Space Cadets Gaming Gaming for a day of indoors Family Game Day, where you can grab boardgames off the demo wall and have a ball.

We can enjoy some partly sunny skies on Sunday throughout most of the day – bringing the high to 95 – but there might be a return of clouds and some precipitation in the evening. There might even be a midday brief rainfall just to mix things up. This might be your last chance for some dry weather for a while, so take advantage by hitting Market Street for Cars and Coffee for a Cause.

Sunday overnight should be relatively calm with lows in the mid 70s, but grab those galoshes and put your plans to wash your cars on hold for a bit, because it looks like next week might bring a significant amount of much-needed rain…

Stay tuned for weather updates from Woodlands Online, and be sure to check us out on Monday for our “Week Ahead” forecast.

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