HS Football: Grand Oaks Runs Away with Win Against Dobie

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 09/01/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Woodforest Bank Stadium was the host to the Grand Oaks Grizzlies and the Dobie Longhorns on Thursday night. This was the second and final pre-season game of the Grizzlies before district starts and one last chance to make some changes before going against some powerhouse teams.

Grand Oaks came out quickly in their first drive as quarterback Christian Nunley handed it off to running back Brandon High who found the back of the endzone. This gave the Grizzlies the lead 7-0 minutes in the first quarter.

Before the second quarter, Grand Oaks once again would make a run towards the red zone but fell short and had to settle for a field goal. Dobie however, would make their run against the Grand Oaks defense and find themselves in the red zone. With a hand off to Cameron Mathews, the Longhorns would get on the board and make it a 3-point game.

Tight-End, Ty Rupe would also join Brandon High on the board and run one in before the half making it 17-7. With one final push Grand Oaks would run one more play but Nunley was picked off by Jeremiah Bradley with 37 seconds left in the half. Although the momentum shifted it was short lived and Dobie ran out of time before they could score.

After the half, Grand Oaks once again try to get something together but fell to the Dobie defense. Dobie however would chip away at the Grand Oaks lead with a 30-yard touchdown run by Raynard Hall. This made it a 3-point game once again going into the fourth quarter.

The fourth was all defense on both sides, and both teams would go scoreless. Grand Oaks would hold onto their 3-point lead and defeat Dobie, 17-14.

Grand Oaks is set to face College Park in their first district game.

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