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| Published 11/07/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – We’re only about seven weeks away from Christmas, and we here at the Woodlands Online Weather Office are hard-pressed to believe it, based on this week’s weather.

Most of this week will have to deal with highs in the 80s

There’s enough humidity in the air today that our Monday high of 86 will actually feel like 92. Fortunately, that won’t last too long, and we’ll ‘plunge’ down into the mid 70s around dinner time. Accompanying the temperature drop will be a massive decrease in both cloud coverage and winds.

Overnight into Tuesday, the clouds will return and hang around, blotting out the sun, for most of the morning. There might be some rain mixing in, but things will brighten up before lunchtime. A significant dip in humidity will make the high of 87 feel like it is, and a midday surge in winds will bring a trace of cool relief. Moderate cloud cover and dropping pressure will give a relatively calm overnight.

Wednesday morning will be cool, cloudy, and breezy, but after the lunch hour the temps will surge back into the mid 80s under partly cloudy skies. A day like this would feel perfect for late spring or early summer, but mere days away from Thanksgiving it will resemble an over-warm kitchen preparing for the turkey feast.

Starting late Wednesday night and overnight into Thursday, it’ll start to feel just a tad more seasonal. With both the dew point and pressure dropping, we can enjoy some mostly sunny skies with high temps in the lower 80s. But Thursday into Friday will tell a different story: the clouds will start to return in force as the temps struggle to come out of their overnight low of the mid 60s. We’ll finally be back in the 70s for a high and some slight rain might punctuate it.

The gloves are off on Saturday, however; as morning dawns, the skies will grow increasingly more grey until there won’t be a speck of blue to be seen. Early in the morning the rain chances will begin, and will continue throughout this first part of the weekend. Higher winds will partner with the showers, prompting us to encourage you to wear layers and bring umbrellas if you leave the house.

Will the cold front be an anomaly or the new norm? Stay tuned on Friday as we bring you Woodlands Weekend Weather.

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