Bigger, Better, Safer – Jonah’s Movers Announces 2023 Opening Of New, High-Security Storage Facility in Tomball

By: Jonah's Movers
| Published 12/22/2022


TOMBALL, TX -- Jonah’s Movers, a high-quality moving company in North Houston, today announced the opening for their brand-new, highly-secured storage facility. The facility is named My Storage Ark and is planning to open its doors for tenants in January 2023.

My Storage Ark, located at 13219 Theis Lane in Tomball, is finishing construction now and once completed, will offer a suite of climate-controlled & ambient storage units, a full-line of boxes & moving supplies, and flexible meeting room rentals for up to 14 people. Stack high & store more with their extra-tall storage units up to 13ft tall!

My Storage Ark is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art security system that helps to keep clients’ items safe & secure while in storage. Every storage unit features a thermal & motion-sensor security alarm that notifies both tenants & management if there’s a disturbance. The property also has full-perimeter fencing, gates, doors, and 360-degree facility coverage with active-deterrence cameras, 4K facial recognition cameras, and license plate cameras.

The facility will also feature Nok? Smart Access Control which lets tenants conveniently access gates, doors, and individual storage units from their smartphone. No more lost keys or forgotten gate codes.

In addition to opening My Storage Ark, the property will also be the new home of Jonah’s Movers. That means booking your movers and renting your storage unit has never been so seamless- All under one roof! And anyone that has worked with Jonah’s Movers should know that customer service is of the utmost importance. Rest assured, My Storage Ark tenants will receive the same friendly service the company is known for.

“We are very excited that this facility will be a long-term home for Jonah’s Movers with space to grow,” said Jonah Hoffmaister, Owner of Jonah’s Movers and My Storage Ark. “We are also really looking forward to offering our clients a storage solution that is using the latest and best security technology available on the market. This place will be a fortress!”

My Storage Ark is now taking online and over-the-phone reservations for January.

Reserve Your Bigger, Better, and Safer Storage Unit Today from My Storage Ark.

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