HS Boys Basketball: Grand Oaks Defeats College Park in Triple Overtime

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 01/11/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX –- For the second time this season College Park and Grand Oaks matched up for their rematch in which Grand Oaks took the win at home. This time College Park would have home court advantage and the momentum after defeating Conroe just days before.

In the first quarter, both teams would pack the court with defense and stop anything and everything that would try to run through the paint. The Grand Oaks and College Park defense was on lock which made for a low scoring quarter.

Things would take a turn in the second quarter and start to heat up. Drake Kelley would lead the way for College Park, sinking 7 of the 17 points scored. On the other side of the court Caleb Edwards with Grand Oaks would hit a huge 3-pointer and score 5 of the 12 points for the Grizzlies. At the end of the half, it would be the Cavaliers by just 5 points; 25-20.

Drake Kelley would put the Cavaliers on his back and score all 9 points for the team in the third quarter. Grand Oaks would come back and stop the College Park attacks. They would also convert on the other side of the court and keep the game close by attacking the paint and forcing the foul.

Grand Oaks was up by one in the beginning of the fourth quarter and continued to increase their lead as the clock ran down. College Park wouldn’t let up and tightened their defense and once again Drake Kelley would attack the basket and get buckets. He would once again lead the Cavaliers with 5 of the 14 points scored in the quarter. College Park would make a comeback and take the lead but Tre Lewis would sink a massive 3-pointer for Grand Oaks to send the game into overtime.

The score would be point for point, in the second quarter but, it would be the Cavaliers who would sink a couple of 3 pointers to stay in the game. With seconds to go, Zane Cooper would be fouled in 3-point territory and sink all 3 points to tie it up once again and force a second overtime.

In the second overtime both teams would once again tighten up their defense and close up the passing lanes. Grand Oaks struggled to get anything going but would take their chances driving to the board and getting fouled in the process. College Park would hit their buckets and with a last second scuffle under the basket Dalyn Johnson would toss one up off the rebound to send it into a triple overtime.

As the third overtime began, the crowd would go wild making it near impossible to hear any communication on the court. Caleb Edwards would hit a massive 3-pointer to give the Grizzles the lead but the Cavaliers wouldn’t give up. College Park would fight until the end but would fall short in the final overtime. Grand Oaks would take the win once again over College Park, 75-72.

“We are not used to having the bullseye on our back and I kept preaching to our kids, you got to respond,” said Coach Day after defeating the Cavaliers. “I’m so proud of how our kids kept fighting.”

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