HS Boys Basketball: Grand Oaks Chalks Up Win Over Caney Creek

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 01/14/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The 5-2 Grand Oaks Grizzlies hosted the 0-7 Caney Creek Panthers Saturday afternoon for some weekend ball. Grand Oaks is coming off a huge win in triple overtime against the College Park Cavaliers while Caney Creek looks to take home their first win of the season.

After grinding three overtimes against College Park, Grand Oaks was still sore according to Head Coach Day which affected some of their play in the beginning of the first quarter. They seemed slow to get the momentum up against a hungry Caney Creek team. The score was low by the buzzer, only 11-8, with Grand Oaks holding the lead.

The second quarter is where the pace changed on both ends of the court. Grand Oaks’ momentum would force many turnovers from Caney Creek by shutting down their passing lane. With these turnovers, Grand Oaks managed to pop off 22 points, including four 3-pointers.

Before the half Caleb Edwards with Grand Oaks was the lead scorer with 10 points while Sean Bonjour and Daniel-Andrew Chapa led Caney Creek with 6 points each. Grand Oaks would hold the lead at the half, 33-25.

As the second half began, Grand Oaks kept up the momentum and locked down the Caney Creek attack. Once again, the passing lanes would be blocked off by Grand Oaks which resulted in many turnovers for points. Grand Oaks would keep Caney Creek to just 6 points in the third quarter while managing to score 17.

In the final quarter, Grand Oaks would coast and run down the clock by putting pressure on the Caney Creek defense. They would also shut down the driving lane but Caney Creek would be able to sink two 3-pointers. Grand Oaks would keep Caney Creek to 8 points in the fourth quarter and take the win, 62-39.

Caney Creek will face Cleveland next week on Wednesday while Grand Oaks travels to Willis.

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