HS Boys Basketball: College Park Defeats The Woodlands in Second War of the Woods

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 01/27/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The College Park Cavaliers hosted The Woodlands Highlanders in the second ‘War of the Woods’ rivalry game of the district season on Friday night. The stands were packed as the game was set to begin and with over 350 tickets purchased online alone the gym was about to get loud.

As the game began, The Woodlands and College Park would hit the gas and bring the momentum up by putting pressure on the ball and attacking the rim. Although aggressive, the shooters came out to play as both teams hit nine three pointers combined in the first quarter. The Woodlands would spread their buckets throughout their roster while College Park’s Aiden Buckmon and Zane Cooper would hit 15 of the 22 points scored.

With the slight lead over The Woodlands, College Park didn’t let up on the pressure. They would lock down their defense and continue to attack the paint on offense drawing many fouls in the process. The Woodlands would struggle on offense as College Park would shut down the paint and passing lanes forcing The Woodlands to make bad looks on the basket.

The Cavaliers would post up 19 points in the second quarter while The Woodlands would hit 16, five of which would be from the free throw line. College Park would lead going into the half, 41-34.

The third quarter would be more of a strategic matchup as The Woodlands and College Park tightened up their defense forcing turnovers and many blocks. Although it would be a huge defensive battle in the third both teams struggled to sink baskets and only managed to get 10 points [The Woodlands] and nine points [College Park] on the board. College Park would once again keep their lead heading into the final quarter.

In the first two minutes of the fourth quarter, College Park would be stopped by The Woodlands defense but eventually would get the bucket after a couple of attempts to drive to paint. College Park on the other end of the court would force bad looks on the basket as they would tighten up the defense even more. The Woodlands struggled to get buckets to fall as they would only score five, all coming from Shey Eberwein.

The College Park Cavaliers would take the win in the second episode of the ‘War of the Woods’ 64-49, and claim first place at the top of the district leader board along with Grand Oaks.

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