HS Baseball: 20th Annual Ferrell Classic; The Woodlands Wins over Klein

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 03/02/2023


Conroe, TX -- With 16 teams and five locations, the 20th annual Ferrell Classic started with Conroe kicking it off against Jersey Village. The third game of the day at Elmore Field featured The Woodlands and Klein.

The first inning was a pitching battle which continued into the top of the second where Klein retired all The Woodlands batters. In the bottom of the second, Klein was able to get some barrels and drive two runs in giving them a quick 2-0 lead.

The Woodlands answered back in the top of the third with two runners making it all around the bases. This tied up the game but it was far from over.

The Woodlands would increase their lead again in the top of the fourth after stopping the Klein batters from crossing home plate in the bottom of the third.

Since time was a factor, The Woodlands and Klein only played five innings. From a couple of errors from Klein The Woodlands was able to increase their lead by two more runs crossing over home plate. Klein would make a slight run but it wasn’t enough as The Woodlands was able to take the win 5-4 in the first day of the Ferrell Classic.

The Ferrell Classic will span two more days, Friday and Saturday in hopes to get the teams ready for baseball season.

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