Texans For Vaccine Choice

By: Steve Toth
| Published 03/15/2023


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- “We are honored to highlight Rep. Steve Toth today! Rep. Toth has filed FOUR protective bills this Session. HJR 114 proposes a constitutional amendment to recognize the right of Texans to decline vaccination, HCR 76 urges the US Congress to repeal the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (the infamous 1986 law that gives vaccine manufacturers immunity from liability for harm), HB 280 requires health care providers to report any potential vaccine-related injury to VAERS, and HB 138 prohibits private businesses from requiring employees' medical records or health information. We have worked closely with Rep. Toth's this Session and appreciate his willingness to be a voice for the vaccine-injured. for Vaccine Choice

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