Canadian Country artist Ryan Lindsay to play in The Woodlands; releases new album

By: Amy Barnett
| Published 04/14/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Ryan Lindsay is an award-winning Canadian country singer with roots running deep in Alberta and new energy growing in the Texas red dirt. His new album, “Seasons” – now available on all streaming platforms – offers insightful storytelling that takes us on a journey through the seasons of a year and much more. Lindsay will perform songs from the new album at Dosey Doe Breakfast, BBQ & Whiskey Bar in The Woodlands on Thursday, April 20 at 8pm.

The 9-song album is a compilation of music Lindsay previously released throughout the course of a year. During each season – fall, winter, spring and summer – he offered fans a digital 45 with two songs. Now they can get music from all four seasons buddled together with a bonus track.

“When it came time to make this album, Canada was still very much locked down in the pandemic, so I had to approach it differently. We had to Zoom into a session with a band down south to record the first two songs, which were for ‘Fall,’” said Lindsay. “We put those two songs out and then started working on two songs for ‘Winter.’ By recording two songs and immediately putting them out, people got to see me go through the personal seasons in my life.”

Lindsay illustrates his personal seasons with songs like “You, Me and the Mountains,” which poetically relays the frustration he felt when the parents of the girl he was seeing did not approve of their relationship due to cultural differences; and “Too Soon,” a powerful ballad about coping with the loss of a friend.

As Lindsay continued writing songs for each season, he found himself digging deeper. He calls the album a “true reflection of the journey that got him where he is today.”

“The further I got into this project, the more I was able to communicate who I am musically,” he added.

The final song on the album is a cover of Ian Tyson’s “Summer Wages.” The Canadian music icon passed away in December 2022.

“He was an artist who really inspired me and really embraced where he was from. We put this bonus track on the album to pay tribute to him,” said Lindsay.

Fans from Canada down to Texas are embracing Lindsay’s music, and he is embracing the Lone Star State.

“I have always loved Texas country music because I think it is one of the richest regional areas for music. It’s people with the same mindset of independence, making music from the heart, and keeping it rooted in real life,” he said.

Lindsay launched his Texas tour in Galveston last week and is making stops in other towns known for great live music, including New Braunfels, College Station and The Woodlands.

His show on April 20 at Dosey Doe’s Breakfast, BBQ and Whiskey Bar, located at 2626 Research Forest Dr. in The Woodlands, starts at 8pm. Tickets are $15. Get there early and enjoy dinner.

Visit for a complete list of tour dates and download “Seasons” wherever you get your music.

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