BREAKING NEWS: Colby Richards found safe

By: Scott Spencer, Lieutenant
| Published 06/02/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office can confirm that Colby Richards has been found safe walking in the area of Research Forest and Kuykendahl, The Woodlands. Mr. Richards is being evaluated by MCHD medics and a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Mental Health Unit.

Missing father and husband has been confirmed found by MCSO

Detectives will eventually speak with Colby Richards about the circumstances surrounding his disappearance; however, it will be some time before he is interviewed.

Thank you to our community, Montgomery County Search and Rescue, DPS, and all the volunteers who aided in the search for Mr. Richards.

According to 'Help Us Find Colby Richards,' the Facebook page set up by family, 'Colby was found yesterday afternoon by a kind citizen at Uli's who recognized him and saw that he was very unwell. Thank you to the Uli's team for giving him water and food. (Thank you to everyone for sharing his story so they were able to recognize him!)
He is recovering in the hospital from the effects of no food or water while missing. We are unsure how long he will be there. After he is released from the hospital he will go to an inpatient facility for rehabilitation and mental stabilization to fully recover from this ordeal.
We thank everyone who have been supportive through this past week. We have seen a really ugly side of the internet come out and did our best to protect our loved ones from it and then were heavily judged for doing so. (Did you know scammers start messaging the family to extort them by acting like they have your loved one? They do. Ask us how we know.)
HOWEVER, we are choosing to focus on the MUCH more numerous wonderful family, friends and strangers who have supported us in many ways whether through their time, prayers or donations. You good souls outnumber the ugly ones by a landslide, and we are happy to know there are so many wonderful people in the world. Thank you.'

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