Lone Star College–Montgomery Theatre Department Honored for Footloose at Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

By: Kymesha Atwood
| Published 07/24/2023

Lone Star College-Montgomery Theatre Department cast members performing their award- winning production of Footloose, left to right, Russel Hubbard, Carlos Avila, Wyatt Langehennig, and Patrick Giovanelli.

CONROE, TX -- Lone Star College–Montgomery Theatre Department is thrilled to announce its recent triumph at the esteemed Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) Region 6 for their stellar production of Footloose.

The Theatre Department’s rendition of the Broadway musical sensation Footloose garnered a series of regional awards for meritorious achievement, solidifying their position as a leading force in collegiate theater and leaving a lasting mark on the festival.

“The process of producing Footloose was a great joy. With familiar tunes and high-energy dance, the show is unbridled fun. To receive KCACTF recognition for our work is a testament to the detailed quality of work our students, faculty, and staff can accomplish,” said Chase Waites, Director and Professor at Lone Star College-Montgomery.

KCACTF is a national program that celebrates and promotes the finest in collegiate theater. The festival honors outstanding individuals through awards and scholarships in design, performance, directing, playwriting, stage management, dramaturgy, arts leadership, and theatre criticism. KCACTF holds its national festival in Washington, D.C. each April where collegiate students come from all eight regions. Lone Star College students participate in the festival for Region 6, which brings together college and university theater programs from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico. Each year KCACTF provides an unparalleled platform for emerging talent, fosters artistic growth, and recognizes outstanding achievements.

Under the visionary leadership of the Lone Star College-Montgomery Theatre Department, their production of Footloose captivated audiences and judges alike, resulting in a total of eight awards. The department's unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation was honored with the following regional awards:

• Directing - Chase Waites

• Excellence in Acting - Layne Roberts for her portrayal of Ethel

• Lighting Design - Michael Romero

• Scenic Design - Alexandra Hooper

• Sound Design - Rebekah Fuller

• Ensemble Work - Cast and Crew

• Representation, Equity, and Diversity - Lone Star College-Montgomery

• Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship nominees - Wyatt Langehennig for Ren, Faith Abbott for Ariel, and Aydin Mathews for Chuck

These awards demonstrate the immense talent, creativity, and hard work exhibited by the entire cast and crew of Footloose. The Lone Star College-Montgomery Theatre Department’s exceptional commitment to pushing boundaries, telling compelling stories, and delivering unforgettable theatrical experiences has been recognized by industry professionals and experts.

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