Coaches gather and speak on the bright spots of their programs at the Rotary Club of The Woodlands

By: Jake Wilson
| Published 07/27/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Rivalries were put aside and relationships came to the forefront as the coaches of The Woodlands and neighboring areas came together for the Rotary Club of The Woodlands Luncheon.

The event, hosted at Palmer Course at The Woodlands Country Club, showcased the minds and personalities that make up athletic leadership. Coaches were provided an opportunity to voice their thanks to the community while also showcasing the schools that they each represent daily.

“When you go to a Friday night event it’s more than just football,” said Oak Ridge Head Football Coach Mark Schmid. “You have your groups like your band, your cheer team, the drill team, color guard, and ROTC. The school is putting its finest on display for you.”

The mentality of highlighting came first and foremost for all coaches that spoke by taking the time to provide context as to why their players and programs are deserving of attention.

The Woodlands High School’s Jim Rapp used his time on the microphone to dig deep into his program and exemplify why the role of a Head Football Coach extends beyond the field of play.

“Ever since I became the head coach, one of the things that is a staple in our program is family,” said Rapp. “But it’s an acronym and it means ‘Forget About Me, I Love You.’”

Rapp explained that the best teams were centered around a common care for one another. A brotherhood of sorts born around the game that they all love so dearly.

“I can think about all the great teams that we had,” said Coach Rapp “They were great teams that cared about their teammates more than they cared about themselves.”

With some coaches approaching the microphone with the sentimental side in mind, others took the opportunity to build hype for their upcoming seasons.

“I am actually going to talk to you all about next year and the year after that because we are so young,” said Grand Oaks Head Football Coach Shaun McDowell. “I can promise you this, my puppies have sharp teeth and they are going to plan on biting.”

McDowell continued to display his expressive personality with an explanation of Grand Oaks’ motto of “Bear Down” ahead of the start of the athletic season.

“Bear down means to probe something and focus in a determined manner,” explained McDowell. “But it does mean, athletic-wise, that we are going to come at you in a threatening manner.”

With players highlighted, programs readied, and hype built all that is left for these coaches is to show what they have got on the field under the bright lights.

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