Texas Custom Knife Show sharpens its blade for 6th annual event Nov. 4-5

By: Texas Custom Knife Show
| Published 07/31/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The 6th annual Texas Custom Knife Show (TCKS), held in Conroe, TX, always features an exciting gathering of former champions and contestants from the History Channel’s hit reality TV show “Forged in Fire.” But this year, the show will feature two celebrities – including Doug Marcaida, who will surely have attendees saying, “This Will Keal!”

Conroe to host the only U.S. show with two “Forged in Fire” judges and on-site simulation

Marcaida, a martial arts and weapons specialist and former U.S. Air Force detail, as well as celebrity judge on Forged in Fire, will be at TCKS on Saturday and Sunday, November 4 - 5, to meet fans and participate in the show. He draws a huge crowd at all of his appearances because of his supercharged personality and popular blade-judging expression, “This Blade Will Keal!” Along with J. Neilson, a fellow Forged in Fire co-star, Marcaida will judge newly forged contest blades that are made live on site – just like Forged in Fire’s TV contest. The blades will be judged for their sharpness and strength, using the same type of Hollywood ballistic lab dummies seen on the show.

With more than 40 custom knife shows in the U.S., TCKS is the only show in the U.S. that simulates the Forged in Fire competition. It is also the only one featuring two TV judges attending and participating in the show.

“We have always tried to give local fans of the show a real taste of what the TV show is like, but also what the art of bladesmithing is really about,” said Jacob Sewell, co-producer of the Texas Custom Knife Show and owner of Bravehawk Forge. “We are bringing the amazing craftsmanship of bladesmithing to our hometown folks.”

Sewell competed on a Season 6 episode of Forged in Fire and lives in Conroe. “Now that Doug Marcaida and J. Neilson are coming to the event, this will be a rare, special treat for people to come see.”

Marcaida and Neilson will meet with fans and show attendees on Saturday afternoon for pictures and autographs. Neilson, who is a certified Master Bladesmith, makes show appearances around the world including Australia. Marcaida will do a martial arts demo on Sunday, while Neilson will do a bladesmithing demo on the art of Damascus forging, one of the most popular and challenging types of bladesmithing.

Marcaida is thrilled to return to TCKS after attending last year.

“This is a true celebration and exhibition of their beautiful works, demonstrations, and the community of bladesmithing,” said Marcaida. “The Texas Custom Knife Show is a gathering of featured bladesmiths.”

TCKS centers around 20 or more former contestants and episode champions from TV’s Forged in Fire. There are other similar knife shows around the region and the country, but none that offer live contests and competitions like this one. The TCKS lineup became so packed with events, show producers expanded it to a two-day event last year. The event also conducts a live auction for the Operation Red Wings Foundation, a local-based organization that helps U.S. veterans nationwide.

TCKS returns to the Lone Star Pavilion at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe this year, which is where it debuted in 2018 prior to four years at Conroe’s Southern Star Brewery. Show producers opted to move back to the pavilion with the need for more event space and parking, as well as the use of the covered area in case of inclement weather.

Other ‘don’t miss’ events at TCKS include the Blade Chop Competition hosted by Bladesports, International, where local residents and attendees can become a certified competitor with an on site course and then compete for prizes.

The family-friendly event is great for all ages. It offers music, vendors, food trucks and more, plus thousands of custom-made knives and blades for all purposes and budgets. One of the Forged in Fire show exhibitors offers attendees the chance to safely forge their own souvenir knife if they are quick enough to make the sign-up list before it fills up.

Tickets for TCKS are now on sale and can be purchased online at For more information about the event or to coordinate interviews, contact Mike Thomas with Razorsharp Productions at (832) 482-7579 or More information is also available on Facebook/Instagram: @texascustomknifeshow.

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