Woodlands Weekend Weather & Events – September 15 - 17, 2023 – Like manna from heaven…

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 09/15/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The past 24 hours or so, there’s been something strange in the air. Literally. It’s called ‘rain,’ just in case you’ve forgotten.

First the rain, then temps in the 60s

The wet stuff has returned with a vengeance, with thunder rumbling and raindrops pounding on our roofs and windowsills. The Woodlands Online Weather Team would like the personally thank whoever washed their car earlier this week, prompting the rain. Even better, as we enter the last week before autumn officially hits, the nighttime temperatures will reflect it and we’ll actually spend a few overnights in the 60s.

Much of The Woodlands spent the early afternoon getting wet, to the surprise of many getting caught coming out of restaurants without their umbrellas. The storms will continue throughout the area until early evening, just before sunset, when they’ll taper off but maybe not go away altogether. With the release of the wetness that’s been gathering in the air, our heat index will substantially decrease now, and we’ll swiftly see temps dropping from the 80s down to an overnight low of 73. Now, barring a major flood or lightning storm, high school football will still be happening this evening, and Woodlands Online will be livestreaming THREE games. If you don’t want to take the chance of getting a wet rear on a bleacher seat, tune in to catch Conroe versus Willis for a battle royale.

On Saturday, the grey clouds that covered the Friday skies will stick around, but with the moisture mostly spent from them. A high of 91 and moderate winds just might encourage you to step outside for a while and hit the town… but bring an umbrella and jacket, just in case. Over night, we’ll drop to 71, to the eternal gratitude of your air conditioning unit. All afternoon and evening, there will be some magnificent live music at the Montgomery Music Fest, and we know that you know you’d hate to miss it.

Sunday will dawn with cloudy skies that will eventually brighten as the chances of rain finally drop to near nil. Starting around lunchtime, we’ll enjoy mostly sunny skies and a high of 92, which will only feel one degree warmer with the weak humidity factored in. But the big surprise will come when you’re probably snoozing; the thermometer will drop all the way down to a positively chilly 67 degrees. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor type of person, the Montgomery County Home & Outdoor Living Show will give you all you need.

We won’t even get out of the 70s until well into Monday morning, and the general cooling trend will continue, hopefully for the rest of 2023. But even if not, we can enjoy many days in the upcoming week of highs in the 90s instead of 100s and lows in the 60s and 70s instead of the 80s…

Stay tuned for weather updates from Woodlands Online, and be sure to check us out on Monday for our “Week Ahead” forecast.

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