Taekwondo athletes step up for Lone Star College-Tomball students

By: Royelyn Bastian
| Published 10/13/2023

The Taekwondo Varsity League and Martial Arts USA held a Demonstration Team Celebration, with proceeds benefitting LSC-Tomball students. Pictured (left to right) are Grand Master Young Seok An and Master Boae Shin, Martial Arts USA owners; Henri Dally, LSC-Tomball dean, Student Services and Vincent Nguyen, LSC-Online executive director, Student Success and Taekwondo Varsity League president.

TOMBALL, TX -- The Taekwondo Varsity League and Martial Arts USA held a Demonstration Team Celebration at Lone Star College-Tomball, with proceeds going toward starting the Texas Taekwondo Scholarship. Distributed through LSC Foundation, the funds will help pay educational costs for taekwondo athletes attending LSC-Tomball.

“Lone Star College Foundation is grateful to businesses, organizations and individuals who help us ensure our students can advance their educational goals without heavy financial burdens,” said Nicole Robinson Gauthier, CFRE, LSC Foundation executive director. “Their assistance allows us to provide the resources students need to be successful.”

Taekwondo Varsity League and Martial Arts USA raised $1,000 at the fundraiser, showcasing more than 300 athletes’ training to over 200 spectators, consisting of families, friends and community supporters. The Sun Moon University Taekwondo Demonstration team from South Korea also performed an exhibition.

“Taekwondo Varsity League and Martial Arts USA hosted this event to encourage athletes to attend college close to home in pursuit of their taekwondo career,” said Vincent Nguyen, LSC-Online executive director, Student Success and Taekwondo Varsity League president. “Ultimately, we want to spread the love of taekwondo by providing educational opportunities to teach our students to be successful and resilient.”

Nguyen recently earned a gold medal at the Asia-Pacific Masters Games held in Jeonbuk, South Korea.

LSC Foundation will award two $500 Texas Taekwondo Scholarships to LSC-Tomball students in spring, summer or fall 2024. Eligible recipients must be enrolled in full or part-time classes, maintain a 3.0 GPA and be involved in a local taekwondo club with a blue belt rank or higher. Additionally, the college is looking for students interested in studying business and professional services, health sciences, human and consumer sciences, psychology or public safety.

“Lone Star College-Tomball held the Demonstration Team Celebration because it was a great opportunity for the campus to get back to its grassroots efforts of networking, helping and giving back to our community,” said Henri Dally, LSC-Tomball dean, Student Services. “The Texas Taekwondo Scholarship will really help Lone Star College students fund their education while allowing them to continue pursuing their chosen sport.”

The Demonstration Team Celebration answered the growing worry that any high school athletes had about leaving the sport they loved to go to college. The funds raised will also help those students who want to open their own studio attain a college education and business experience, both necessary to succeed.

“We know how important higher education is, and it should be everyone’s goal,” said Grand Master Young Seok An, Martial Arts USA owner. “We want our Texas Taekwondo athletes, who many have expressed interest in building their own dojang (taekwondo studio), to grow in this sport. We want them to earn the proper education to achieve their goal and we know Lone Star College is the best place to begin that process.”

Taekwondo Varsity League and Martial Arts USA will continue holding fundraising events to award scholarships to more LSC students in the next few years.

Lone Star College Foundation impacts students' lives daily by reducing the financial barriers to a quality college education. Currently, 24,500 students have felt that impact, with over $23.2 million awarded in scholarships and $10 million in program support since the Foundation's inception in 1991. Learn more about how you can support LSC Foundation by visiting

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