Meeting updates for Shenandoah City Council and Municipal Development District

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 11/17/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Shenandoah City council met on Wednesday, November 15. In attendance were Mayor John Escoto, Mayor Pro Tem Charlie Bradt (Position 4), Mike McLeod (Position 5), Jim Pollard (Position 3), Ted Fletcher (Position 2), and Ron Raymaker (Position 1).

  • Items discussed included:
  • Annual Pool Report
  • Capital Projects Report
  • IDC Revision Update
  • Tamina Utilities Project Update
  • Special Use Permit for a Mixed Beverage Permit (On Premise) Permit for LifeTime
  • Spending Approval Authorization Increases for City Administrators and Department Heads
  • Wastewater Chemical Building Improvement
  • Ratification of Accounts Payable for October
  • Civic Club Updates
  • City Attorney Updates
  • City Administrator Updates

Additionally, the Municipal Development District (MDD) met. Present were President Byron Bevers (Place 4), Vice President Ron Raymaker (Place 1), Secretary Joanna Gonzalez (Place 3), Dr. Jim Wallace (Place 2), and Ted Fletcher (Place 5).

  • Items discussed includeL
  • Monthly Cash Flow Report
  • Monthly MDD Capital Projects Report
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovations Repayment
  • Ratification of the October Accounts Payable

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