HS Football: Coaches, Programs, and Players Celebrate the Announcement of the 13-6A All-District Teams

By: Jake Wilson
| Published 12/01/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- After a fantastic season of high school football for the programs of District 13-6A, the coaches and players celebrate their accomplishments by gazing upon the all-district teams for 2023. The culmination of hard work and dedication throughout the season has rewarded these select players with accolades they will carry throughout their football careers.

Congratulations to the 2023 District 13-6A All-District teams and award winners.

Coach of the Year:

Trent Miller Willis

District MVP:

D.J. Lagway Willis

Offensive Player of the Year:

Mabrey Mettauer The Woodlands

Defensive Player of the Year:

Justin Williams Oak Ridge

Special Teams Player of the Year:

Scott Starzyk The Woodlands

Offensive Newcomer Player of the Year:

James Scott Oak Ridge

Utility Player of the Year:

Jermaine Bishop Jr. Willis

Defensive Newcomer Player of the Year:

Marco Beltran College Park

D.J. Frazier New Caney

Dane Cook Caney Creek

1st Team All-District Offense:

QB: Christian Nunley Conroe

RB: Dramekco Green Conroe

RB: Frankie Arthur Oak Ridge

RB: Larry DeBose Oak Ridge

RB: Aden Self The Woodlands

RB: Jaiden Graves Caney Creek

WR: DeBraun Hampton Willis

WR: Jalen Mickens Willis

WR: A’Mauree Holmes Willis

WR: Quanell Farrakhan Jr. The Woodlands

WR: Shane Walker The Woodlands

WR: Conner Dunphy College Park

WR: Kayden Cooper New Caney

WR: Andy Medina Cleveland

WR: Jackson Bolander The Woodlands

WR: Dravon Wilson New Caney

TE: Cole Snodgrass College Park

TE: Elijah Ambrosia Oak Ridge

OL: Day’Jon Moore Willis

OL: Mason Isbell Willis

OL: Caleb Fletcher Willis

OL: Ryan Hughes The Woodlands

OL: Koltin Sierracki The Woodlands

OL: Everett Champlin The Woodlands

OL: Vance Virgilio Oak Ridge

OL: Johnnie Bailey New Caney

OL: Brycen Cole New Caney

OL: Moises Vega Caney Creek

1st Team All-District Defense:

DL: Ivion Jordan Cleveland

DL: Andrew Wilkinson New Caney

DL: Matthew Westmoreland Conroe

DL: Jadyn Ramos Conroe

DL: Tylon Hughes Oak Ridge

DL: Joseph Jonah-Ajonye Oak Ridge

DL: Jack Miller The Woodlands

DL: Josiah Stephens Willis

DL: Isaac Stafford Willis

LB: Brock Perry Willis

LB: Cayden Clayton The Woodlands

LB: Caleb Phillips The Woodlands

LB: Kamran Nekooi Oak Ridge

LB: Mitch Melton Conroe

LB: Brandon Moylan Grand Oaks

LB: Jace Hernandez Grand Oaks

LB: Daylen Wilson New Caney

LB: Jonathan McMillen Caney Creek

DB: Ikenna Agoh Grand Oaks

DB: Simon Smith Grand Oaks

DB: Tice Williams Conroe

DB: Isaiah Pruitt Conroe

DB: Devondre McGee Conroe

DB: Dorian Brew Conroe

DB: Jevin Allen Willis

DB: Arinze Ejeckam Oak Ridge

DB: Jamentrie Fleeks Oak Ridge

1st Team All-District Special Teams:

DS: Paxton McCutchen Oak Ridge

DS: Caleb Phillips The Woodlands

DS: Justice Stokes College Park

P: Jace Hernandez Grand Oaks

P: Cole Snodgrass College Park

P: Angel Delcid Cleveland

K: Justin Willis Willis

2nd Team All-District Offense:

QB: Jack Emerson Oak Ridge

QB: Kam Montgomery College Park

QB: Hunter Taylor New Caney

RB: Devon Wallace Grand Oaks

RB: Justin Hayes Oak Ridge

RB: Terri Lawrence III Willis

RB: Daylion Robinson Willis

WR: Patrick Rebel The Woodlands

WR: Gabe Camerillo Oak Ridge

WR: Nigel Leday Conroe

WR: Jaylon Mayon Conroe

WR: Carter Deering College Park

WR: Preston Cloud Grand Oaks

WR: Julian Kent Grand Oaks

WR: Jahamante Kuhn Caney Creek

WR: Josue Estrada Cleveland

TE: William Ward Caney Creek

TE: Roan Brawley Grand Oaks

OL: Wyatt Johnston Willis

OL: Logan Hilton Willis

OL: Levi Zaunbrecher The Woodlands

OL: William Cook Oak Ridge

OL: Walker Mott Oak Ridge

OL: Tyler Tates Conroe

OL: Luke Adams College Park

OL: Ernesto Carreon Caney Creek

OL: Diego Martinez Cleveland

OL: Collin Toedter Grand Oaks

OL: Albert Mataragio Grand Oaks

2nd Team All-District Defense:

DL: Isaiah J. Harrison Cleveland

DL: Brandon Spoerle Caney Creek

DL: Johnny Vargas New Caney

DL: Desmond Thompson Grand Oaks

DL: Cort Britten The Woodlands

DL: Zach Lang Willis

DL: Rema Nwosu College Park

DL: Miles Fort College Park

DL: Roman Lara Conroe

DL: Favour Awodoyn Oak Ridge

DL: Terrance Wofford Oak Ridge

DL: Julian Johnson Oak Ridge

LB: Carter Jenkins Willis

LB: Tae Friend Willis

LB: De’Quentin Willis Willis

LB: Martin Schofield The Woodlands

LB: Luke Johnson The Woodlands

LB: Kai Zavala New Caney

LB: T.J. Garza Caney Creek

LB: Jayden Gibson Cleveland

LB: Alexis Cortes Cleveland

LB: Jaylen Jackson Oak Ridge

LB: Tate Trantham Conroe

LB: Aidan Endicott College Park

LB: Hurley Vollertsen College Park

DB: Christian Harrison Cleveland

DB: Dominique Gilkey Cleveland

DB: Travarius Jackson Caney Creek

DB: D.J. Lewis New Caney

DB: Robert Stringer Grand Oaks

DB: Andy Orr The Woodlands

DB: Kade Hyde Willis

DB: Jaxon Wiley Oak Ridge

DB: Tyler Honeyman The Woodlands

DB: Jackson DeGeorge Grand Oaks

DB: David Sands College Park

DB: Marc Jones Conroe

2nd Team All-District Special Teams:

DS: Braden McEldownsey Grand Oaks

DS: Jacob Gober Willis

P: Hunter Taylor New Caney

K: Markus Erstad Oak Ridge

K: Chuck Forke College Park

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