Local Scouts Help Montgomery Historical Society

By: Ruben Borjas Jr Reporter, Montgomery County News
| Published 01/10/2024


MONTGOMERY, TX -- As the old Bible saying goes, 'Many hands make light work,' and Scouts from Boy Scout Troops 351 and 907 in Montgomery, where on hand January 6th, to prove just that; as they took part in the take down of the Christmas decorations at the Montgomery Historical Society's 'Nat Hart Davis Museum Complex,' located 14264 Liberty Street, in Montgomery.

In what took the older folks of The Society over 8 hours to complete in putting up the decorations following Thanksgiving, along with a few trips to Jim's Hardware, and not to mention a bag of popcorn, and a few Frostie Root Beers; the Scouts were able to take down, neatly package, and stow away in a quick fashion, and make it ready for next Christmas season. All, in less than 35 minutes.

"My Scouts are always willing to help," said Scoutmaster Mat Wilson. "We'll be here anytime the Historical Society calls."

Already several scouts from the troops are eyeing Eagle Scout projects associated with the museum complex. Montgomery Historical Society President Billy Ray Duncan, thanked The Scouts for their quick help, and has put the Troops number in his rolodex, so you know he is keeping up with the times.

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship," another member of the historical society said. "It's good to call on spring chickens when needed. Chickens that don't need to apply pain relief cream to their aching muscles after working hard."

The Scouts representing Troop 907 were Helen, Sadie, and Stephanie. While the Scouts representing Troop 351, were Aydan, Dwight, Noah, Journey, and Jude.

All the Scouts worked hard and worked as a team to make short work of the task, and many thanks go out to them from the Montgomery Historical Society.

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