Woodlands Weather This Week – January 22 - 26, 2024 – On the plus side, not a frozen pipe in sight

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 01/22/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Batten down the hatches; we’re past the Great Freeze of January and will end the week – and month – with a lot of wetness but thankfully above the frozen mark. What you’ve been experiencing thus far today, expect a lot more of the same through pretty much the entire week, day and night.

Everything falling from the sky will be unfrozen rain… and a lot of it

The heaviest rain is already happening, and we’ll end up with about three inches’ worth falling by midnight tonight. The winds will peak mid-morning, and their lessening will help ease the obnoxiousness of wet stuff hitting you horizontally. Our high will struggle to get to 62, not frozen but still chilly. The heaviest precipitation will be behind us by later afternoon, but it’s not disappearing completely. Fall asleep to the sound of raindrops as our overnight low hits the lower 50s.

Tuesday, the continuing rains will be accompanied by thunder and lightning as we get about another two inches dumped on us. Though it goes without saying to drive smartly and safely, we’ll say it anyway. The high humidity and cloud blankets will help to warm things up to a high of 68, and we’ll still be in the lower 60s when the overnight low hits.

On Wednesday, the raging storms will be gone, but the nonstop rain will remain consistent. Another inch or so will fall, and it’s a good bet that our lawns, ditches, and more will be completely saturated by then. Our high will manage to make it up to 64, and we’ll be back down into the 50s for our low.

Good news on Thursday; with some heavy morning rains, things will start to clear up in the afternoon. About a tenth of what rain dropped on us the day before will hit us today, and in the afternoon we’ll probably see the sun for the first time in days. We might manage to break the 70 threshold for a high, but will get back down into the 50s for the low.

The work week will end slightly brighter – literally and figuratively – than how it began. The skies will only be about half-filled with clouds, and in the morning we could get a respite from the wet stuff. But expect some more rains come the afternoon as we hit another high of about 70 and a low in the lower 50s.

We don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like the weekend just might be the dry and slightly warmer reprieve we’ve been waiting for…

Stay tuned to Woodlands Online for our Weekend Weather report coming on Friday.

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