WCES Principal Teresa Sullivan named 2023-2024 Tomball ISD Elementary Principal of the Year

By: Tomball Independent School District
| Published 01/25/2024


TOMBALL, TX – Willow Creek Elementary Principal Teresa Sullivan has been recognized as the 2023-2024 Tomball ISD Elementary Principal of the Year, voted on by her peers.

Sullivan’s illustrious career includes 40 years of service in education, 23 years of which have been spent as a Principal in Tomball ISD. She dedicated 14 years to Decker Prairie Elementary as its Principal before joining Willow Creek Elementary where she has spent the last nine years.

Under Sullivan’s leadership, Willow Creek Elementary has continued to excel as a Great Expectations Model School that values student growth and community engagement.

“We are proud to have Ms. Sullivan as our Elementary Principal of the Year representative,” said Dr. George Flores, TISD Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools. “Her relentless approach to reach every student, coupled with her lifelong learner mentality makes her a dynamic leader and is highly respected among her peers. Ms. Sullivan makes it a priority to make authentic connections with her staff and nurtures a positive learning environment where all students experience success.”

What are you most proud of as Principal?

“It is truly inspiring to witness the dedication and enthusiasm for learning at Willow Creek. The commitment that students and staff show each day in their pursuit of learning is remarkable. Whether inside the classroom or outside, their thirst for growth is evident, and it fills my heart with immense pride and joy.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a campus leader?

“Rewarding is the perfect word to describe the experience of being an elementary campus leader. Seeing students actively engaged in their learning journey brings me joy and fulfillment every day. As a campus principal, I have the opportunity to observe teaching practices, student engagement, and the overall learning environment amazing teachers create daily. Witnessing student growth, both academically and personally, is truly a remarkable experience. The opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of students, work alongside a dedicated staff, build a community of learners, and collaborate with exceptional parents is truly fulfilling. Every day brings new opportunities to inspire and empower our students, and that is a privilege for which I am grateful.”

Why Tomball ISD and Willow Creek Elementary?

“I chose to be part of Tomball ISD and Willow Creek because of the district’s commitment to student success, the exceptional staff members who strive for excellence, the supportive community, and the eager, motivated learners who inspire me as an educator. I am grateful to be part of this incredible district and to contribute to its ongoing mission of preparing our students for a successful future.”

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