Noack Statement On The Investigation Of Ritch Wheeler's Campaign Finance Violations

By: Sara Marie Kinney
| Published 01/31/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Commissioner James Noack has the following response to the news that his opponent is being investigated for five campaign finance law violations and facing thousands of dollars in fines:

“I naively believed that this would be a clean, fair, and honest campaign. Unfortunately, it looks as though my opponent has done his best to dupe the voters of Montgomery County, Precinct 3. It’s that, or maybe, he just doesn’t know how to faithfully execute the duties of being a candidate for elected office which is paramount to the successful execution of the position he is seeking. Either way, the voters of Precinct 3 deserve better. I take my oath to this office and transparency of our government work for the people very seriously, and I will continue to do so with honesty and integrity in my next term.”

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