OPINION: My Time at The Border

By: Ruben Borjas, Jr., Columnist, Montgomery County News
| Published 02/15/2024


EAGLE PASS, TX -- I went to the Texas-Mexico border a few weeks back on a three fold mission. I had Veterans of Foreign Wars work in Feeding the Troops stationed in Eagle Pass with my VFW Post 12223. I visited my nephew, who is a Captain with the Texas Army National Guard, and I wanted to go to Shelby Park, located at the heart of the border fight between Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and President Joe Biden.

I had dinner with my nephew Thursday night, and the enchiladas along the border are more authentic than in Montgomery County, and this was the best restaurant in Eagle Pass. But I still prefer what we have here, hands down. We are all used to Tex-Mex, and going back to authentic chow is fine every once in a while, but it’s not what we are used to. And I’m positive if the shoe were on the other foot, they’d feel the same way.

I’m pleased, as probably most are in Texas and even New York, Chicago, and other Socialist city mayors, in how Gov. Abbott has shown Trump-like leadership along the border. Thankfully Mexico is responding, and sending back migrants to the Southern part of their country. The people of Piedras Negras, the town opposite of Eagle Pass, don't want migrants in their town either. Presidents have clashed with the Supreme Court before. Andrew Jackson and Franklin Roosevelt come to mind, but I don’t recall a governor doing it. The recent Supreme Court decision ordering Texas, a sovereign state, to vacate Shelby Park, only to aid a federal agency, at the direction of a bad President, so that illegal immigration is able to continue? That does not pass the smell test.

The immigration issue is obviously the hottest topic this election cycle. And Democrats and Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), who fear a solved immigration problem will dissolve the issue. They don’t realize that the 10 plus million illegal migrants still need to be deported. And not to mention the millions of military age men, from countries who hate the United States, and whose aim is not to Pledge Allegiance to the United States. If only those Justices could have grasped that, their terrible ill-fated decision could have been avoided.

I saw an illegal migrant caught on video who hauntingly said, and I paraphrase ’’You will know who I am very soon.’’ And he didn’t look Central or South American to me. That is scary stuff, and Democrats don’t seem to mind the madness. I’ve written about the Cloward-Piven Strategy before, and if you don’t know it by now, then Google it. Essentially, I’m depending on you guys to inform other less informed citizens, so they can learn about the dangers of the Democratic Party and the warped Democrat mind.

The illegal migrants themselves are telling Gov. Abbott to send them to New York or Chicago because of their sanctuary cities status. So Greg obliges. Chicago’s stance against the bus companies has no ground. And I’m taking schadenfreude in those cities' busted budgets and bad leadership that have brought on their consequences. The citizens of those Democrat wastelands are now finally understanding the damaging ways of their leftist voting patterns. And the chickens have come to roost. It has finally hit them that voting Democrat is bad, and they have been red pilled by their own bad decisions.

On Friday morning, I went to Shelby Park, where I did a little on-scene investigation. It was a little busy, since Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, were visiting. The TXARNG Public Affairs Officer knew of my existence, but with dignitaries visiting, there was no sense in bothering him, so I snapped a few pictures and went back to my hotel room to do some work.

Later I arrived at Camp Charlie where the bulk of the TXARNG are housed, in a pop-up city next to the Maverick County Airport North of Eagle Pass. Thankfully the recent rains knocked down a lot of the dust that would normally invade every nook and cranny of my being, so I was appreciative of that. My VFW, along with nine other cook teams from around Texas, began showing up. Soon everyone started cooking. I stayed till about midnight, then I had to sleep, since the PAO from Shelby Park was expecting me the next morning.

On Saturday morning, with the dignitaries having left the area, I was finally allowed into Shelby Park. I went in with a freelance journalist from San Angelo, and the CNN Turkey - Washington DC Bureau Chief. Believe it or not, Turkey is very interested in our border situation. And not too long ago, representatives from Egypt came to study our border, to better handle their shared line with the Gaza Strip.

Thankfully my hotel was less than 10 minutes from the park, so I was able to get the requisite amount of sleep to remain awake. I wanted to observe the actual conditions on the ground. And despite what the Socialist media says. What’s going on at Shelby Park now, makes Gov. Abbott look like a genius, as compared to the ‘Bumbling’ Joe Biden.

Walking just feet from the waters of the Rio Grande amongst the walls of razor wire, I was humbled. Texas Troops are holding the line here. It’s a justified action. It’s effective and shows real leadership that is coming from the Texas Governor’s Mansion. Just last month, untold numbers were crossing without opposition, and now there’s … nothing. I wished that it could have happened earlier, but at least it has been done, and it’s making a difference.

Feeding the Troops for lunch last Sunday really made my week. The Texas VFW was proud to salute the young members of the TXARNG, who have had their lives interrupted because of Sleepy Joe Biden. They could be finishing college, or be in trade school, or working at their normal 9 to 5. Who knows how long their mission will continue. Obviously, Joe Biden has to be voted out of office, as well as Democrat Senators, and Congressman. Virtually every Democrat has to go. They’ve shown nothing but disdain for America, while enriching themselves. And there are still plenty of uninformed voters out there, ready to vote against their self interest in being successful in life. So I need your help in getting the word out.

Obviously, what I saw in Shelby Park needs to continue. Gov. Abbott is doing the right thing, no matter the Supreme Court's decision. The fact that there was no opinion associated with the vote, well, it makes their choice sound weak. There was no ‘tell me why?’ If I were the Governor I would have ignored the order as well. There were conflicting issues, over proper immigration law, a state's sovereignty, and a federal agency's authority. In any case, it’s Joe Biden’s fault.

Right now, Texas is the solution to the border situation. The Rio Grande can’t be dredged. It can’t be electrified. And until President Donald Trump is reelected, and the U.S. Border Patrol is unleashed to actually do its job. I’m convinced Texas will stand fast. We definitely need to round up and deport all the illegal migrant men of military age first. And how do we do that, you say? A bounty system. For money, people will turn in their own cousins. But until that time, Governor Greg Abbott will essentially be the U.S. Border Czar. And more power to him.

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