Woodlands Weather This Week – March 25 - 29, 2024 – Pre-Easter temperance

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 03/25/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – It’s a breath of fresh air to not have extreme weather conditions or last-minute alerts. This week is one of serene moderation as the spring season comes to fruition at long last.

Not too wet, not too dry, not too cool, not too warm…

The rains from earlier this morning have wandered away. For the entire week, there’s only the tiniest chances of rain popping up every now and then, but mainly the wetness in the air will serve to keep things cool. Today’s cloud coverage is already plummeting as the pressure front bottoms out. As a result, we’ll have a dip in temperature before it goes back up and settles for a high of 74 around sundown. Our winds, dew point, and humidity will also be at their respective highs at that time. Once we hit that high, however, the mercury will steadily drop until the low of 49 hits around sunrise tomorrow.

On Tuesday morning, we’ll get a spate of clouds, but nothing to write home about. The temperature will slowly climb all morning and afternoon until we hit an early-evening high of about 70, the coolness exacerbated by an increase in winds for a bit. Once again, as the sun sets, the thermometer will fall alongside it, and we’ll have another clear, overnight low of 49.

Wednesday morning, the clouds will return with a vengeance, but they’ll be more puffy white than thundery grey, and the chances of dealing with any precipitation will be at a bare minimum. It will be a day defined by moderation; the temps will struggle to reach up to 70, maybe just missing the mark, under slow but steady breezes. Right around midnight, the last of the clouds will go away, and you can enjoy the onset of Good Friday under starry skies and a low in the upper 40s.

Thursday will bring out the sun in all its glory, with nary a cloud in sight all morning. The humidity will also drop, leaving us with a warmer, slightly drier day as the mercury gets up to 77 before turning around for the evening. The general warming trend will continue overnight as the low hits 52.

Friday will see a mild increase in clouds, which will help trap some warmth under them and we’ll finally hit a high at the 80 degree mark. The winds will pick up all day, peaking at nearly 15 mph in the mid afternoon, right around the time of our afternoon high. As you prep for the weekend, plan for a few days of highs in the low 80s and lows in the 50s and 60s.

But while Easter weekend might be moderate, there could be some more wet stuff hitting us next week…

Stay tuned to Woodlands Online for our Weekend Weather report coming on Friday.

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