HS Track & Field: Athletes Continue Their Pushes Through the Intense Competition of the Area 13-14 Meet

By: Jake Wilson
| Published 04/11/2024


CONROE, TX -- After having made their cases and qualified through the District meet, the athletes of District 13-6A set their sights on the Area 13-14 Track and Field Meet.

The events kicked off early, with the first beginning at 9:30 in the morning. Despite the early start, the athletes representing Districts 13 and 14-6A were in tip-top shape.

The top four finishers all qualify for the Area Championship meets in their respective events.

Boys 3200 M
1st: Bryson Meredith 9:25.27 The Woodlands
2nd: Charles Hall 9:30.24 College Park
3rd: Payton Chambers 9:34.02 Grand Oaks

Girls 3200 M
1st: Staucie Lees 10:48.21 Grand Oaks
2nd: Stoya Laydevant 11:01.01 The Woodlands
3rd: Lexi Cooper 11:17.08 The Woodlands

Boys Shot Put
1st: Tyler Grant 54’ 3.75” Grand Oaks
2nd: Aaiden Inniss 53’ 2” Grand Oaks
3rd: Caleb Phillips 50’ 10.5” The Woodlands

Girls Shot Put
1st: Makenzie Castille 39’ 11.75” Conroe
2nd: Luvina Oguntimehin 39’ 8.75” Oak Ridge
3rd: Jewels Young 39’ 7.5” New Caney

Boys Discus
1st: Chris Georgopoulos 171’ 4” College Park
2nd: Tyler Grant 168’ 4” Grand Oaks
3rd: Caleb Phillips 156’ 11” The Woodlands

Girls Discus
1st: Luvina Oguntimehin 141’ 8” Oak Ridge
2nd: Riley Dube 118’ 7” Oak Ridge
3rd: Katie Collins 114’ 7” College Park

Boys High Jump
1st: Desmond Dixon 6’ 3” Westfield
2nd: Ellis Taylor 6’ Grand Oaks
3rd: Markie Grant 6’ DeKaney

Girls High Jump
1st: McCarley Gite 5’ 8” Oak Ridge
2nd: Anastacha McGowen 5’ 4” Conroe
3rd: Persia Hall 5’ 3” College Park

Boys Long Jump
1st: Colton Dement 22’ 10.5” Grand Oaks
2nd: Eric Sanchez 22’ 5” New Caney
3rd: Braylon Reece 22’ 2” Conroe

Girls Long Jump
1st: Brenyae West 18’ 7.75” The Woodlands
2nd: Alisa Sneed 17’ 8.5” Conroe
3rd: Gabriele Andrews 17’ 8.5” Oak Ridge

Boys Pole Vault
1st: Alakai Perriton 15’ 6” The Woodlands
2nd: Edward Zieglar 14’ 6” Grand Oaks
3rd: Nathan Kimmel 13’ The Woodlands

In an exclusive interview with The Woodlands Online Sports, Highlander Alakai Perriton laid out his routine and preparation that carries him down the track toward the mat.

“Every time I get to my mark, I take a second to breathe, I walk around the track a little and think about what’s going to happen during the vault,” explained Perriton. “Then I shut it down, look at the track, and start going. It’s kind of all blank after that. Just run, jump, and power.”

Girls Pole Vault
1st: Kaeley Uhlig 11’ 6” Willis
2nd: Maddie Phan 10’ 6” College Park
3rd: Mia Rokohl 10’ The Woodlands

Boys Triple Jump
1st: Jaydon Shield 47’ 8” Spring
2nd: Brian Nwugbana 47’ 4” The Woodlands
3rd: Braylon Carr 46’ 0.5” Grand Oaks

Girls Triple Jump
1st: Shi’eana Hall 39’ 1” College Park
2nd: Jada Suarez 35’ 10.5” Grand Oaks
3rd: Kayla Jones 34’ 3.5” MacArthur

In another exclusive interview, triple jump winner Shi’eana Hall broke down her level-headed nature before breaking into her pre-jump sprint.

“I try not to get too tense,” said Hall. “I try to remember specific keys that my coaches have told me, and I try to hone in on that.”

Boys 4x100 Relay
1st: The Woodlands 40.65
2nd: Conroe 40.97
3rd: Grand Oaks 41.43

Girls 4x100 Relay
1st: Nimitz 47.81
2nd: Conroe 48.04
3rd: The Woodlands 48.14

Boys 800 M
1st: Heath Grant 1:52.65 Willis
2nd: Payton Chambers 1:56.24 Grand Oaks
3rd: Kaden Barney 1:58.55 College Park

Girls 800 M
1st: Gia Kurp 2:16.57 The Woodlands
2nd: Darasimi Oldelowo 2:18.04 The Woodlands
3rd: Hannah Gonzalez 2:22.35 Conroe

Boys 110 M Hurdles

1st: Devon Wilkins 13.99 Spring
2nd: Jesse Natale 14.28 The Woodlands
3rd: Arinzechukwu Ejeckam 14.45 Oak Ridge

Girls 100 M Hurdles
1st: Aaliyah Booker 14.45 The Woodlands
2nd: Jayla Cooper 14.54 Nimitz
3rd: Graycen Rabel 14.83 The Woodlands

Boys 100 M Dash
1st: Tanook Hines 10.47 DeKaney
2nd: Perry Watkins 10.48 The Woodlands
3rd: Christian Nunley 10.62 Conroe

Girls 100 M Dash
1st: Shanyira Cole 11.97 DeKaney
2nd: Gabriele Andrews 11.99 Oak Ridge
3rd: Brenyae West 12.00 The Woodlands

Boys 4x200 Relay
1st: The Woodlands 1:24.89
2nd: Conroe 1:26.26
3rd: Grand Oaks 1:27.11

Girls 4x200 Relay
1st: Nimitz 1:40.55
2nd: Conroe 1:41.55
3rd: Westfield 1:42.92

Boys 400 M
1st: Heath Grant 47.57 Willis
2nd: Damarien Jacobs 47.61 Conroe
3rd: Ellis Taylor 49.41 Grand Oaks

Following another victory during the day’s competition, Wildkat distance runner Heath Grant spoke on the crucial moments during the heated 400-meter race down to the wire.

“[Jacobs] started getting ahead of me on the last 200, and he went before I wanted to,” said Grant. “So I let him pull away for a little bit. Then when I was ready, I just went for it.”

Girls 400 M
1st: Majesty Omeye 56.39 Conroe
2nd: Mya Sanders 56.69 Conroe
3rd: Sabrinah Booker 57.32 The Woodlands

After claiming a medal with her teammate just behind her, Majesty Omeye explained the physical demands that pushed her to finish first in an event stacked with top-notch competition.

“I start kicking around 150, and I basically tell myself to focus on my arms and pushing my hips forward and grabbing my knees,” said Omeye. “It's all of the mechanics that I work on in practice.”

Boys 300 M Hurdles
1st: Owen Neves 37.83 The Woodlands
2nd: Timothy Thomas II 37.93 College Park
3rd: Bryson Champagne 39.11 Conroe

Girls 300 M Hurdles
1st: Aaliyah Booker 44.34 The Woodlands
2nd: Graycen Rabel 45.21 The Woodlands
3rd: Leila Morales 45.75 College Park

With a background different than most of the runners participating, Aaliyah Booker explained how her time before taking to the track has shaped her into a top-tier competitor.

“Before I moved to Texas, I was never the fastest or the strongest,” said Booker. “Now, I train my body and my mentality to do better, get better, and wake up every day having that discipline to compete with the best, and that’s what got me to where I am today.”

Boys 200 M
1st: Iliya Dryaba 20.82 The Woodlands
2nd: Tanook Hines 20.83 DeKaney
3rd: Tyler Honeyman 21.17 The Woodlands

Girls 200 M
1st: Gabriele Andrews 24.62 Oak Ridge
2nd: Brenyae West 24.65 The Woodlands
3rd: Diamond Bossier 25.16 Benjamin Davis

Boys 1600 M
1st: Camden Gibson 4:11.55 College Park
2nd: Payton Chambers 4:22.11 Grand Oaks
3rd: Bryson Meredith 4:28.38 The Woodlands

Girls 1600 M
1st: Staucie Lees 4:54.76 Grand Oaks
2nd: Stoya Laydevant 5:02.84 The Woodlands
3rd: Emma Pool 5:12.01 The Woodlands

Boys 4x400 Relay
1st: Conroe 3:18.60
2nd: College Park 3:19.03
3rd: The Woodlands 3:19.16

Girls 4x400 Relay
1st: The Woodlands 3:48.04
2nd: Conroe 3:50.48
3rd: College Park 4:00.48

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