Shenandoah Civic Club Selects April Yard of the Month

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 04/12/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – What a beautiful English garden in the midst of Shenandoah. With the start of spring, many residents are getting back into their yards and this one will definitely inspire any who see it.

The Civic Club's April Yard of the Month, 18 Delmar Green Place, is the home of Indra and Mary Goradia, residents since 2005. The Civic Club Committee said the couple are known for their beautiful yard. While both love working in their yard, Mary can be seen in the early mornings weeding and planting. They love looking for new and unusual plants to add, visiting nurseries in the surrounding areas during travel.

The Civic Club Yard of the Month Committee is back on the prowl, looking for the beauty in our neighborhoods. Each month they drive the whole community several times, looking for those homes to spotlight. While we only name one house a month, we know there are others deserving yards ready to grace the page.

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