Woodlands Weather This Week – April 29 - May 3, 2024 – The balm before the storm

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 04/29/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Storms have ripped through the area and the region to some extent or another, but fortunately The Woodlands escaped relatively unscathed. To help lull us into a false sense of security, the weather over the next couple of days will play nice, before the storms return with a vengeance.

Enjoy the sun while you can

Our Monday will toddle right along as the remaining clouds finally blow away, leaving clear, sunny skies that will bring us a high of 88 degrees, with only moderate winds from the north to help cool our collective brow. Late in the afternoon, the temperature will start to plummet until it settles overnight in the mid 60s.

As Tuesday dawns, the clouds will make a repeat appearance, but this time mainly precipitation-free. High but dropping humidity will give us a dry heat of 89 with another three degrees added to the heat index, making it feel like the low 90s. A brief uptick in the wind in the late afternoon will help, but not much.

As we go to bed Tuesday night and prep for a Hump Day morning, the clouds will keep coming in, and this time they’ll have rain and lightning tagging along. The high temperature of 84 – 88 when factoring in the humidity – and the greatest chance of rain both happen around the same time shortly after lunch. The thunder and rain should be considerable, dropping about a third of an inch as we segue into Thursday.

The thunderstorms will continue under completely clouded-over skies throughout Thursday. Even more rain will be dumped on the area – more than a half-inch – along with some winds at over 10 mph, leading to some gnarly conditions outside. Chances are, no part of The Woodlands will be spared from some wet stuff, so exercise caution no matter where you are.

The cloud coverage will be so extensive that you won’t be able to fully pinpoint when daytime ends and night commences. The storms will continue all night long – maybe it would be a good time to set a battery-powered alarm in case your power goes out – and well into Friday.

On the last day of the work week, the storms will continue but be more scattered throughout the day. Almost another half-inch of rain will be dropped on already saturated grounds, bringing the chance of some street flooding to the forefront. The complete cloud coverage will also act like a blanket, trapping the heat in, so it will be another day with the high in the mid 80s.

Though the low into Saturday will be once again back in the 60s, the rain most likely won’t be done with us as the weekend hits…

Stay tuned to Woodlands Online for our Weekend Weather report coming on Friday.

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