Shenandoah beautifies with city entrance sign replacements, other projects

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 05/23/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The City of Shenandoah began a number of projects in 2024 that will bring changes to all areas of the city. One of these projects recently reached completion. This project replaced the entrance signs at Wellman Rd, Research Forest Dr, and Pinecroft Dr to match the newer signs in the city. The project budget was $125,000, and the total construction cost came in at $91,575.

Another recent project that achieved completion was Phase II of Vision Park Pond's amenities. This project consisted of the addition of two bridges, a sidewalk that creates a half-mile loop around the pond, a retaining wall block on the south end, and landscaping throughout the pond. Vision Park is located at 149 Pine Forest Drive. The final construction cost was $2,247,509.

Additionally, Shenandoah City Council approved a new project for the creation of Shenandoah Veterans Point at Vision Park. This project will be a site dedicated to veterans that live or lived in Shenandoah and/or its extra-territorial jurisdiction. The project will consist of demolition and clearing, grading, hardscape and walks, concrete seat walls and retaining walls, steel guardrails and custom steel fabrications, lighting and electrical, site furnishings, and planting and irrigation. The project budget for this project is $800,000.

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