New substation on Bolivar Peninsula will improve service reliability

By: Entergy Texas
| Published 05/23/2024

Entergy Texas’ Palms Substation

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, TX -- Bolivar Peninsula residents will soon benefit from a new distribution substation located near Surfside Drive, which is close to the Big Store on Hwy 87 in the Crystal Beach community. Entergy Texas expects to complete construction on its Palms substation in June, which will help improve service reliability and increase the amount of electricity the company is able to provide during high-demand seasons like winter and summer.

The Palms substation is expected to be in service in June and will support the growing electrical demand on the peninsula

“The Palms substation is specifically designed to the latest storm resiliency standards and raised on platforms to better withstand potential storm surge,” said Jim Nicholson, project manager at Entergy Texas. “This enhanced infrastructure will be able to withstand the more severe storms that continue to impact Southeast Texas. If we do encounter storms and the power goes out, the new substation will serve as another source to shorten outage durations and get the lights back on faster for our customers.”

Construction of the Palms substation started in June 2023. The completion of the project will serve as a significant milestone for Entergy’s Bolivar Peninsula Reliability Project. This $110 million project is a combination of new construction and equipment upgrades aimed to enhance the reliability and resiliency of Entergy Texas infrastructure and support the growing electrical demand in Bolivar communities.

“Our goal is to always keep our customers safe and informed, which is why Entergy Texas has hosted several community meetings, increased signage in the area, and sent direct calls and messages to residents about significant project milestones,” said Michelle Armstrong, customer service manager for the eastern region of Entergy Texas’ service area. “We encourage all customers to log in to their myEntergy account and make sure their contact information is up to date, so they can receive real-time customer updates."

The Bolivar Peninsula Reliability Project is expected to be completed in early 2025. For more information, visit

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