MCHD Awarded With EMS For Children Crew Of The Year 2024

By: Misti Willingham
| Published 05/24/2024


CONROE, TX -- Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) is humbled to announce we have received the statewide EMS for Children Crew of the Year Award for 2024. This honor from Baylor College of Medicine’s Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) is awarded to an EMS crew in recognition of outstanding prehospital emergency care of a pediatric patient. Recipients of this award are Alarm Medic II Kellie Gonzalez, In-Charge Paramedic David Ikard, In-Charge Paramedic Jeremy Cattoor, Captain Kelsie Adams, District Chief April Currie, Captain of Quality Improvement Brad Ward and Deputy Chief Tamella Welch.

Dr. Christina Miyake, Director of the Cardiovascular Genetics Program for Texas Children’s Hospital, nominated MCHD EMS for recently saving the life of a toddler. The 911 call came in as a seizure. When paramedics arrived, the parents initially did not believe the child needed to go to the hospital because of a seizure history, and they believed the episode was over. Fortunately, the paramedics assessed the child and were able to explain the severity of the symptoms. Thankfully so, because in transport to the hospital, the child suffered cardiac arrest.

“I think that one thing is the beginning of what saved this child’s life,” Dr. Miyake said. “I think if you hadn’t recognized the gravity of the situation in the moment and took action, this child wouldn’t have made it. Then, in the transport to the hospital, you accurately diagnosed a life-threatening arrhythmia, which required CPR and defibrillation. Only 8% of children survive cardiac arrest. Your actions that day brought the child back and saved a life.”

In the aftermath of the 911 call, Dr. Miyake needed a lot of information to be able to make an accurate diagnosis for the child’s treatment plan. That is where Deputy Chief Welch and Captain Brad Ward came in. Because of the crew’s thorough documentation, they were able to share all of the prehospital assessment information quickly to aid in Dr. Miyake’s treatment plan.

Dr. Casey Patrick said it best when he said, “As MCHD’s Medical Director, I can say this has been one of the proudest moments in my career. Our crews having the training to be able diagnose the problem, act quickly and save this child’s life is why I do this job.”

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