Public Invited to Paint Livery Stable Mural

By: Ruben Borjas, Jr., Columnist, Montgomery County News
| Published 05/24/2024


MONTGOMERY, TX -- The new 10 ft tall x 20 ft wide mural on the north side of the Texas & Beyond Mini Plaza is nearing completion, and owners Anthony and Rebecca Noreiga, as well as artist Amy McCain, are inviting the public to drop by on Saturday, May 25th, between 11 am - 1pm, to add a few brush strokes to the mural.

“I would love to have the public come by and take part in this community art project,” said Artist Amy McCain. “You can pick up a brush and just paint a few lines here and there and later when you pass by or talk about art with others you’ll be able to say you helped paint a mural.”

The idea came about by Montgomery Historical Society President Billy Ray Duncan, who was asked by Conroe sculptor Craig Campobella to add some clay to the model of ‘The Texian’ statue, which is on display at the Lone Star Monument & Historical Flag Park, next to the Central Library in Conroe.

“I think it’s a good way for the citizens of Montgomery to have a little ownership in the mural,” said Duncan. “Plus it will promote more traffic to Historic Montgomery, which is always a good thing.”

The mural is a wonderful addition to give a little insight to the early history of the downtown area. And if anyone has any historic photos of Historic Montgomery, please email to :

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