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Crime enthusiasts and mystery lovers worldwide can immerse themselves in the heart-pounding suspense of Gotcha Cold Case. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the world of True Crime, Serial Killer hunts, and nail-biting investigations!

True Crime stories from Detective Brad Schlerf, the detective who helped solve those cases and now more from his personal investigations in his book Gotcha Cold Case. A nail-biting trail of homocide cases which span 20 years. 

Available in English, Spanish, and German.

About the Author:

Brad Schlerf is an American Army veteran, retired police detective, and author. The son of a volunteer EMTs and firefighters, Brad began his public service at an early age by becoming a volunteer firefighter himself at age 14, an EMT at 15, and a rescue diver at 16. He served in the US Army for eight years, with tours flying the borders of East Germany & Czechoslovakia, and deploying with the Big Red 1 in Operation Desert Storm. After returning from his tours, Brad took a position with the local police department in Junction City, Kansas, and from there became a detective with the Manhattan Police Department in Riley County, Kansas. Here, working with a team of nerds, lawyers, judges, officers, and white hat hackers, Brad was involved in the initial stages of what is now Computer Forensics.
After retirement, Brad developed his own company, Forensic Solutions Inc. His investigations with FSI have been featured on 48 Hours, True Crime TV, A&E’s Dead Again, NBC, Discovery Channel’s Killing Fields, and several journals. Brad is the author of the Gotcha book series, a True Crime trilogy based on real homicides and Cold Cases that he helped solve during his career as a detective.



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