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Finding a job or the right employee can be tough. But WOL's Jobs Market is here to help. The following are unsolicited success stories of why WOL's Jobs Market has become the Number 1 online employment resource in the The Woodlands area. And it even helps local residents find quality jobs around Houston!

  • After posting our listing, we got 50 resumes in 4 days. It was great! Thanks! - Mila

  • We have a posting for an Administrative Assist. The position has been filled. We've never had such a response for a posting before. Great going over there! We've found what we believe will be a great employee. - Carlie

  • Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your help with this! Woodlands Online has helped us fill several positions and we love your site....and tell everyone about it!! Again, thank you.- Lucille

  • A local company had a job posting for an Accountant. They didn't see my resume or weren't informed of my posting, but I saw their job and looked them up online. I got their email and flipped them my resume and they responded. I'm now working about 55 hours a week for them and we just had our soft opening. - Gary

  • I have had several responses from having my resume listed with you and have recommended it to several other people. This is a great source that you have, and I have found that recruiters and other companies throughout Houston use this as well. This is a great benefit for people in the Woodlands area to have. Thanks. - Kara

  • I would just like to compliment Woodlands Online for a great response I got from a job I put on the site. I wasn't expecting such a good reply and was pleasantly surprised ... many thanks! - Martin

  • Woodlands Online is great. It afforded us the opportunity to screen many applicants before calling appropriate people in for an interview. It worked great with our scheduling, and made it much easier to find the ideal applicant. We will be using Woodlands Online again! - Don

  • We have filled the position from Woodlands online. Thank you for the site and how it allows us to post a job. We appreciate it. - Diane

  • Thanks so much for your help! We have found a great person to be a part of our staff/family to fulfill our AM position. - Amy

  • We moved our corporate offices to The Woodlands over ten years ago. Woodlands Online provided us with job applicants of the highest caliber of any employment source. Over the years we have started 2 other businesses here and hired ALL our employees using Woodlands Online Jobs Market. Thank you WOL for this indispensable resource! - Al

  • Woodlands Online was instrumental in finding our new hire. We will use it again as the need arises. Thanks. - Neil

  • We posted a job listing in your jobs available. We have filled this position. Thanks. The candidate, did answer from WOL, looking for jobs available in the area. - Jeanne

  • We have filled the position and had to turn away many people! - Michele

  • We keep getting great responses form posting on WOL. Thank you! - Chastity

  • I posted a job and I have hired for it. Please let me know how to take it off of the website. Thank you so much you have been a great help in hiring for this position. - Bridget

  • I need to stop running the job ad posted on Monday morning. We have more resumes than can interview. - Eileen

  • I would just like to compliment Woodlands Online for a great response i got from a job i put on the site. I wasn't expecting such a good reply and was pleasantly surprised. If you wish to use me as a referral please feel free. - Martin

  • Thanks for posting our (Part-time) position. It has now been filled. Thanks again for an outstanding web site! - Cathy

  • I hired 2 people from the ad. Both have been very good, one left as parents relocated. - Nancy

  • Just wanted to let you guys know I found a part-time job from your web site and its great. Thanks! - Jenn

  • I am a manager and I used the Self Publishing feature for wonderful results to seek applicants for an open position at our veterinary clinics. Thank you. - Susan

  • Thanks for posting our temporary clerical position. We've already had a great response! - Cathy

  • Would you mind removing our job posting for the Office Assistant position we have listed on Woodlands Online please. The position has now been filled. As always, your assistance is greatly appreciated. Also, I just wanted to let you know that the services Woodlands Online provides is very beneficial and we appreciate the ability to post positions on your website. - Daniel Landis

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