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How do I keep my personal information private?

If you are submitting either a job or resume on the site (either through self-publishing or site submissions) and do not want your personal contact information available for all to see, then you need to make sure you choose "No" on the right sidebar when the form asks what contact information you would like displayed. By checking "No," the site keeps your information confidential. If you choose "Yes" for your email address, however, our site will not show your actual email address, but instead mask it to prevent spammers from contacting you. Woodlands Online cares about your privacy and works hard to keep you protected. Please know that if you do check "Yes" for any of your contact information to show, it is able to show up in search engine searches. We suggest keeping your address and phone number confidential and checking "No" on these so this information will not be found on Woodlands Online and other places on the Internet. Remember, we are an Internet site so things that come up on our pages are spidered by search engines. 

Also, to ensure utmost privacy, make sure your Employer Profile and/or Job Seeker Profile do not have any of your personal information displayed as "Yes" on the site.


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