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I notice when I look at my resume posting it doesn't have any contact info at the bottom. Do I have something set wrong? Should I put my info in the Cover Letter section? How does a potential employer contact me without my info?

When you are filling out your resume, either through the site or through self publishing, you must include contact information at the beginning. On the right side of your contact info are buttons that default to "no" - meaning the resume listing will not display those items unless you change them over to "yes." You can choose to have your email, phone number and address all displayed on your resume, but remember, if you choose to display contact information there is the possibility of it showing up in search engines. Although Woodlands Online looks out for your privacy, it is still an Internet site and things can be found in search engines across the web. Make sure if you don't want your contact information to show that it is also no where in the resume portion of your resume, either. 



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