BASKETBALL: The Woodlands falls 72-31 against Dekaney in first round of playoffs

By: WOL Sports Staff
| Published 02/15/2016


THE WOODLANDS, Texas — The Woodlands High School girls basketball team saw the end of their season as the Spring Dekaney Wildcats defeated them 72-31 on Lady Highlander territory in the Bi-District round of playoffs.

Dekaney won the tip off at the start of the game, and after a three point attempt, Lady Highlander Luisa De La Rosa grabbed the rebound. After moving back and forth down the floor, Kene Hamilton put the first points on the board for Dekaney, followed by a three-pointer off of Makeedah Collins. Not wanting to let the Wildcats get the best of them, junior guard Julia Glandt scored three points for the Lady Highlanders and was followed by a layup by De La Rosa. Wildcat Kalea Brooks broke the tie and added another three to their score, leading The Woodlands 8-5 at the end of the first.

Dekaney immediately put four more points on the board at the start of the second quarter. With The Woodlands trailing behind them with a seven-point deficit, Glandt was able to put another three-pointer in the net for the Lady Highlanders. However, the Wildcats returned with their third three-pointer of the evening, followed by two more points and widened the gap. Senior point guard Meghan Musso added three more points to the Lady Highlander’s score with free-throws by De La Rosa and Madison Morton, but turnovers played against them and Dekaney overpowered them by halftime 26-13.

Dekaney kept their momentum and added several more points at the immediate return to the second half. Glandt got her third three-pointer of the evening, but a foul put Dekaney’s Hamilton at the free-throw line, and both shots were good and was followed by another free-throw by Jasmine Smith. Julia Glandt put two free throws on the board immediate after, but they still remained behind the Wildcats by 15 points. Several scores later, Dekaney widened the gap and led The Woodlands 58-25 at the end of the third quarter.

The Wildcats came into the final quarter of the match-up with three more shots and continued to plague the Lady Highlanders with turnovers, quickly upping their lead to 64-25. Some fouls on Dekaney put Sarah Butterfield and De La Rosa at the free-throw line, and three shots went in, but there remained a 40-point gap between the teams until the Lady Highlanders put another three-pointer on the board. The Wildcats continued to overpower The Woodlands until the end of the game with a final score of 72-31.

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