Congressman Brady leads Congressional effort to block federal intervention of State Rail Project

By: Tracee Evans, Communications Director for Rep. Kevin Brady (TX-8)
| Published 07/19/2016


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - This afternoon the Surface Transportation Board (STB) officially declined to get involved in the Texas Central Railway (TCR) proposed Dallas-to-Houston High-Speed Rail project. U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady who is leading the congressional fight with Texans Against High-Speed Rail and local and elected officials released the following statement on the long-awaited announcement:

“This is the answer we fought for. This is the first victory in a long battle to ensure that Texas, not Washington, decides the fate of a project hurting our rural communities and landowners. I truly appreciate the efforts of our state and local officials and Texans Against High-Speed Rail who are working so diligently to protect Texans’ property rights.”

Background: Today’s decision by the STB indicates that the proposed approximately 240-mile high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston is an intrastate project outside of the Board’s jurisdiction -- effectively recognizing that the project is a state project. Congressman Brady wrote the STB in April opposing any federal involvement in the highly controversial project because the sole proposed route divides rural counties in the 8th Congressional District including Grimes, Madison and Leon counties. As our county commissioners, state legislators, and property owners have stated correctly, this route fractures our rural lifestyle without any direct economic or transportation benefits to our communities.

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