U.S. Senator John Cornyn visits with The Woodlands Area EDP

By: Ashley Byers
| Published 08/05/2016


THE WOODLANDS, Texas — U.S. Senator John Cornyn visited The Woodlands, Texas on Thursday, August 4th, and among his topics of interest was an update on economic development in the area.

Gil Staley, CEO of The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership (EDP) and Debra Sukin, EDP Incoming Chairman and Regional SVP and CEO of Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital discussed matters related to healthcare, mobility, business climate and the local economy as it relates to job growth and capital investment.

EDP CEO, Gil Staley says, “We were honored that the Senator took time out of his busy schedule and had a particular interest in meeting with our organization to check the pulse of our business community. We were especially privileged to have a frank dialogue with Senator Cornyn and appreciate that our community continues to be on his radar.”

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