Texas Familias Council presents the Hope Consortium September 15

By: Donna Wick
| Published 08/24/2016


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — On September 15, the Texas Familias Council will introduce its new initiative at Lone Star Family Health Center for all area resource professionals that serve local families and communities. Stories from the Field: The HOPE Consortium will bring together various sectors of community professionals to study and develop stronger networks with each other and the diverse populations they serve. The Committee on Emerging Communities with the Council will guide discussions exploring creative development solutions through the arts, education, family support services, economic empowerment, and greater intercultural connections between groups.

The Texas Familias Council was founded in 2011 to support the rapidly growing communities in Montgomery County. These efforts have included mentorship of young women in family life, leadership, and professional development; guidance of emerging diverse communities struggling to connect; and engagement of local leaders in the complex discussions of developing communities. Thousands of area residents have been touched by these efforts over five years without cost to the community. Despite efforts like these, the needs of a burgeoning community continue to grow.

“We are thrilled to begin this new resource for our providers,” said Maria Baños Jordan, founder of the Texas Familias Council. “Please join us for this special morning of connection and conversation about our growing and diverse communities. I’m honored to present this to our supporters for their continuous labor of love for community during challenging times.”

The Lone Star Family Health Center is located at 440 Rayford Road in Spring. For more information on the consortium, contact Maria Baños Jordan at 832-52-7251 or

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