College Park High School full speed ahead

By: Kim Kyle Morgan, Woodlands Online
| Published 09/27/2016


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- The Running Cavaliers at The Woodlands College Park High School scored a big win last weekend at the Rock Rim Classic in Lawrence, Kan.

Cross Country boys, Coach Mike Gibson, 5000m:

Alessandro Topini 15:57.80

Bryce Quigley 16:04.80

Robert Kraus 16:21.00

Zackery Williams 16:44.90

Bradley Pease 16:52.30

Byrron Rowell 17:13.70

Nathan Waller 17:35.90

??Cross country girls, Coach Jennifer Gegoeine, 5000m:

Jessica Meyers 19:29.70

Madeline Orr 19:40.80

Sarah Batton 19:40.90

Zoe Marquez 21:14.20

Celeste Trevino 21:54.70

Makayla Pate 22:12.10

Kaila Prochaska 22:28.30

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