Crisis Assistance Center Has New Name, Vision and Focus

By: Margie Taylor
| Published 02/07/2019


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- Crisis Assistance Center is now Community Assistance Center serving Montgomery County, Texas.

“While the change in our name is subtle, the impact our organization will continue to have throughout the our county is significant, “said Jennifer Landers, Community Assistance Center Executive Director. “We are assisting our community in times of financial crisis, disaster whether they be floods, fires, or hurricanes and by providing life lasting strategic solutions moving our neighbors toward self-sufficiency”. CAC is excited to share this important news regarding the evolution of the organization and how this change will benefit our neighbors and our community. This name change will allow us to align, mission, vision and services with the growth and needs of the community as well as our strategic plan and future vision. Please note that our re-branding and name change will not impact our addresses, tax identification, phone numbers or website, which all remain the same. “We need to thank so many people that helped us in the process- Simon Printing, Graphic Design FX, Taylorized PR, TWHS DECA, Signs, Etc; City of Conroe and Big Frog,” said Landers.

About Community Assistance Center (CAC)

Community Assistance Center (CAC) is a not-for-profit agency committed to providing quality social service programs those in crisis throughout all of Montgomery County. The mission of Community Assistance Center is providing resources to meet basic needs and improve quality of life for our neighbors in Montgomery County. Strengthened through collaboration with community and faith partners, we honor and restore the dignity of individuals and families to attain greater levels of responsibility and financial independence, by delivering assistance and life lasting strategic solutions.

Community Assistance Center is focused on building stronger client relationships and assisting families in establishing attainable goals, accessing community resources and gaining valuable skills pertinent to their success. Case management and support go beyond the “Band-Aid” and provide ongoing community resources to establish a stronger foundation to lift families up towards self-sufficiency. For more information about Community Assistance Center, please call 936-539-1096 or visit

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