Shenandoah Police Blotter for March 24-30, 2019

By: Shenandoah PD
| Published 04/05/2019


Police Blotter for March 24-30
City of Shenandoah Police Calls and Activity

Burglary of Motor Vehicle – 19075 block of IH45 – Pick-up truck burglarized with more than $1000 damage to vehicle and $650 in property stolen - Under investigation.
Recovery of Stolen Vehicles– 25000 block of IH45 – A stolen vehicle was recovered out of Houston Police Department during a traffic stop - No arrest made by Shenandoah PD - Information Report.
Disturbance – 19000 block of IH45 – Disturbance resulted in arrest detention of suspects involved in Family Violence case filed by the Houston Police Department - Information Report.
Evading – 18000 block of IH45 – Motorcyclist arrested for Felony Evading Arrest or Detention in a Motor Vehicle - Arrest Report.
Burglary of Motor Vehicle – 9250 block of Pinecroft Drive – Ford pick-up truck burglarized with more than $100 in property stolen - Under investigation.
Recovered Stolen Vehicle, Narcotics / Fugitive Warrant Service – 19200 block of David Memorial Drive – A traffic stop led to the arrest of an adult female for Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle, an adult male for Fail to Identify Fugitive Warrant, and a juvenile suspect for Possession of Marijuana - Arrest Report.
Recovered Stolen Vehicle – 200 block of Blue Ridge Drive – Suspicious Ford pick-up called in by concerned citizen - No arrest - Stolen Vehicle Recovery Report.
Narcotics – 9200 Pinecroft Drive – Traffic stop led to the arrest of a male for Possession of Marijuana - Arrest Report.
Theft – 19000 block of IH45 – Unknown male and unknown female suspects stole approximately $460 worth of merchandise and fled the scene - Under investigation.
Lost Property – 18100 block of IH-45 – Patron left firearm at a local restaurant restroom which was missing upon recovery search - Under investigation.
Narcotics – 9200 block of Pinecroft Drive - A traffic stop led to the arrest of a suspect for Possession of Marijuana.
Warrant Arrest – 18300 block of IH-45 - An investigation into a suspicious circumstance between a male and female discussion led to the arrest of the male for warrant - Arrest Report.

Significant Outside Agency Calls

Burglary of Motor Vehicle – District 6 Montgomery County Deputy made a Burglary of Motor Vehicle arrest where the male suspect was wearing a backpack traveling on foot.
Burglary of Motor Vehicle – Multiple Burglary of Motor Vehicle reports at apartments and hotels on 03/27/2019 and 03/26/2019.

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