Thief Steals Money Meant for Employee Holiday Party in Bellaire

By: Kevin Quinn
| Published 04/11/2019


HOUSON, TX - The Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct One is requesting the public’s help in identifying the individual seen on surveillance video in the act of committing burglary at the Dr. Gleem Car Wash located in the 5800 block of Bellaire on December 11, 2018.

The video shows a man entering the office at approximately 6:18 pm. He can be seen opening desk drawers and filing cabinets and searching inside. He locates cash left in the top left drawer of the desk and places it into his left jeans pocket before he exits the office. Additional cameras show him walk out of the business and return to his vehicle before driving away. He was inside the office for only three minutes.

The $700 stolen was collected by employees as a fund for a company holiday party.

Investigators describe the suspect as a Black male, wearing blue jeans, a striped shirt, a black jacket, black shoes gold necklace and black dark framed glasses. He left the scene in a Silver Nissan with no license plates.

You can find video of the theft on the Pct1 Youtube channel. Click HERE to be taken to that video. You will see screen captures from the video, above.

If you recognize this man, please call Precinct One investigator Steven Hausler at (832) 927-1621 or you can email him at

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